Best Meeting Room Booking Systems

Any company running meeting- or conference rooms is aware of the hassle associated with divvying up the space. Issues such as overrun vs. underused rooms, double bookings, overlapping events, unregistered attendees or unpaid services are inevitable. However, a cutting-edge meeting room booking system is the answer to the problems arising from the fluidity of the booking process.

Thanks to a state-of-the-art conference room booking system you can schedule rooms and desks, manage your coworking space, set time limits to a meeting, allow users to check in, make changes to a schedule or cancel an event using just one tool. A good meeting room booking system allows you to streamline your operations, maximize profitability and use space more efficiently. Although you would have to pay for a conference room booking system, the advantages your gain far outweigh the costs. Moreover, the majority of providers offer a 14-day free trial so that you can test the software before buying it.

Best Meeting Room Booking Systems
You don’t have to manage a large event or a few conference rooms with the help of a spreadsheet.

What Features to Look for in Best Scheduling Tools?

The modern meeting room booking systems have all the functions you are looking for and more! Thanks to them impromptu meetings have become the easiest thing in the world. The majority of the players on the market of booking systems allow running a few meeting spaces simultaneously, even those located in different time zones. Softwares can help in analyzing data for future use, generating monthly and yearly reports. Office managers can make use of the analytical features and get a better understanding of how the space is being used, see peak hours and most sought-for areas. Moreover, all the events are synchronized with calendar and e-mail software which enhances time management and allows for more thoughtful planning. The software can also be integrated with various payment systems and be customized depending on a client’s needs. It’s mobile friendly and is available on a tab or a mobile phone.

Best Meeting Room Booking Systems
With the help of a booking software you can locate an empty conference room real time.

Best Scheduling Tools Software

Robin is an intuitive and useful software that allows scheduling meetings, displaying available and booked rooms on tablets and TVs, and creating interactive maps of your office. Its features are fully customizable and available on the web, mobile, plugins, and tablets. You can set booking permissions and limit access to certain areas. The software also allows making a reservation of hot desks, which means it could be a great asset to your coworking venue. The software is available on iOS and Android, and thanks to the smart notifications and reminders you can always be up to date as long as your gadget is with you.

YArooms is yet another web-based booking software package. Apart from the standard features, the software boasts a conflict resolution system which makes sure that no invitation is sent to an attendee who has accepted another invitation for the same time slot.

Teem allows you to see at a glance the rooms that are available and those booked. It is integrated with Google calendar, which means that booking can be made directly from the Google Calendar interface. Another booking option is possible from an iPad just outside the room, while information syncs back to Google Calendar.

EMS Software offers its services to enterprises as well as academic institutions. The scope of services varies from small companies to heavyweight players (the performance packages for a large-scale deployment includes developer support and custom business intelligent feature). Thanks to the software, a multitude of processes and actions can be completed within a minute.

With a meeting room booking system, you don’t only make life of your office manager easier and look more professional in the eyes of your customers. You can instantly rent out your meeting rooms to people outside of your organization, which is an easy and proven way to make extra money. Apart from that, it’s an effective way to advertise your coworking space because a meeting room managed with the help of software is a tremendous asset.

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