10 Useful Coworking Webinars and Guides

Learning about any subject is an ongoing process, and that is just as true of coworking as with any other topic. The world of coworking is constantly evolving, but there are numerous resources available to help you stay up to date and learn new strategies. Whether your preference is reading a coworking e-book or attending a coworking webinar, there are options available. In addition to videos, webinars, and online guides, there are also some coworking crash course options for those who want to learn a lot in a compact time frame. Supplement these with other materials, such as coworking books, magazines, and podcasts.

10 Useful Coworking Webinars and Guides
Coworking webinars let you learn about coworking and running your own space no matter where you are, with both live and prerecorded options available.


AllWork.Space has been in the coworking industry since 2003, with a focus on keeping people updated with the latest news in the world of coworking. This website also has extensive guides spanning a range of topics, such as technology, innovation, sales, and marketing. Over the last decade and a half, it has built up a vast library of resources.

Cat Johnson

Cat Johnson is a well-respected expert in the coworking world and offers regular training sessions in the form of webinars. An example topic is “Coworking Content 101: How to Create a Customer Persona (and Why You Should).”


COSHARE is a network made up of those within the coworking space. This organization has an extensive blog with advice for coworking spaces, as well as a range of coworking webinars on various topics, from marketing to design.


DIYCoworking aims to deliver advice on running a coworking space. There is a vast blog, as well as guides and e-books to help you launch your space.

Everything Coworking

In addition to offering a coworking podcast, Everything Coworking has a range of other guides, including a “2018 Coworking Tech and Tools Guide,” which is free to download. There is also a coworking crash course in the form of its Coworking Start-Up School.


GWA is perhaps best-known for its coworking conferences but offers a range of resources and guides. There are many webinars as well as in-person conferences and events designed to teach you the strategies and tools you need. Those who need more services can even have one-on-one time with an education partner for a crash course and expert advice.


Habu offers technology for coworking companies but also has a range of webinars and video guides. Webinar topics include “Building Happy Communities” and “Coworking Partner & Sponsor Strategies.” Other videos include “Catalyzing Change” and “Super Massive Coworking Growth.”

New Work Cities

New Work Cities provides a crash course for those looking to start a coworking space. The website offers some basic information without requiring registration. With registration, however, you get a free Coworking Space Starter Kit, which is essentially a crash course that helps you get started.

Work Design

Work Design is primarily a magazine, but it also offers on-demand webinars. Some webinars are targeted to coworking, while others focus on work design in general. Examples of relevant coworking webinar topics include “How to Be a Leader When You Work Remotely” and “The 100% Unassigned Workplace: Is It Good or Bad?”

10 Useful Coworking Webinars and Guides
There are many crash courses for coworking available, which teach you everything you need to know in a short period.


WUN technically offers technology for coworking spaces, but this company also offers plenty of resources, via coworking e-book offerings, webinars, and an extensive blog. Examples of webinars include “Learn the Secrets to Hiring and Managing Your Coworking Staff” and “Make Your Coworking or Shared Space More Visible without Spending on Advertising.”

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