Furniture for Coworking Spaces

A coworking space is a great alternative to traditional offices or working from home. Coworking presupposes that people of diverse professional groups buy a membership which enables them to work in a shared environment. Freelancers, digital professionals, artists, software developers or startups get a chance to work in the surrounding that fosters creativity, increases productivity and allows networking. Coworking spaces are not suffocating unlike some of the traditional workplaces because here one can get the right mindset, emotional support and a possibility to collaborate with the like-minded people without compromising the comfort that can be found at home.

Interior design and furnishings play a significant part in creating the atmosphere which leads to increased work satisfaction, and a healthier work-life balance. Before you furnish your coworking space consider your target audience. Are you trying to attract millennials who cherish minimalism or targeting yuppies who won’t fall for anything that’s less than chic? Are your potential clients representatives of the creative crowd or young parents who seek a kid-friendly work environment? Depending on your answer, here are some of the possible furnishing options.

If your budget is tight, and your primary goal is to create a homey atmosphere, you can furnish the place with chairs, tables, and sofas you would typically buy for home. A clever Ikea hack could be a budget-friendly minimalist solution.

white materials
Using white materials can create minimalist environment

In case you are looking to bring together prospering business owners who cherish comfort and style, you should opt for a boutique space with designer furniture, classy accessories, and well thought-out places for relaxation.

A stylish library
The stylish library of an invitations-only coworking space in NYC

If you cater to different types of professionals, then your best bet is offering varied layouts within one space. For example, you can mix zones with diverse furniture settings: sofas, floor cushions or bean bag chairs for those who choose a laid-back atmosphere, office chairs and desks for the freelancers who are most productive in an office environment, and those who need to make calls frequently.

new design
‍More and more coworking spaces abandon traditional office setup

The creative cloud such as designers, architects and artists have a sentiment for edgy furniture, ergonomics and natural materials. That’s why you have to bear in mind that an unconventional approach to the layout may add value to the place and inspire your clients.

If you focus on welcoming female entrepreneurs with children, your coworking space should also feature children’s appliances and a playground area.

Here is a simple list of some of the most essential furnitures and amenities needed for a modern coworking space:

  • Various seating options (mind you, some people seek standing workstations)
  • Desks and tables (modular options will add flexibility)
  • Lamps and lighting
  • Printers and copiers
  • Sofas and armchairs (especially if there is a lounge area in your coworking place)
  • Kitchen furniture and appliances such as a microwave and a fridge
  • A coffee maker
  • Plants and pictures that will help your clients feel at ease and satisfy their aesthetic needs
  • Soundproof barriers or dividers

Regardless of what your clientele is, you have to take care of those furniture and facilities that will make your place a cozy one and help generate efficiency. No matter which group of professionals your cater to, your shared office design and furniture help define the personality of the place and can make for one of the deciding factors that attract your clientele because style and comfort certainly do matter.

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