Get Members Into Your Coworking Space Using These Content Tips

Whether you’ve already got a coworking space in place or you’re looking to create one, you’ll be looking at filling those empty chairs and keeping them full. There are some specific techniques and tips to maximize your coworking space and fill it to capacity. Here are a few ways to achieve just that:

Host a Blog Targeting Your Audience’s Pain Points

All successful companies have their own blogs where they write about topics that are highly dedicated to their audience. This is where good content is made.While sharing other people’s blog posts and press from famous websites is fine, most likely everyone is already sharing them, so in the long run, it may not be helping your brand. A dedicated blog strengthens the relationship with your audience and allows your space to become an authoritative voice in the coworking industry.

With your own blog, you get to share your unique opinions and create the type of content that your audience needs, the main audience for your coworking space being freelancers, startups and other remote workers.

Do your research and discover what questions they might have related to coworking spaces, their own business, freelancing and so on. You don’t have to just focus on the topics that market your space but on other topics as well. Your average freelancer will have many questions — how to market their services, where to find the best clients, how to market on social media and so on.

If you offer them solutions on these and many more pain points, they will remember not only your space but your brand as a useful resource.

You can also write guest posts on other notable blogs and publications. However, you normally don’t get to control how long your posts stay on the website you are writing for so it’s good as an additional strategy on top of managing your own content.

Optimize for Search Engines

This is such an obvious point, especially in this day and age but it bears emphasis. When you optimize for search engines, you are giving yourself an opportunity to be seen. The key here is keyword placement — notice the word ‘placement’, because keyword stuffing is not an option.

Make sure that you have your targeted keyword in your title, one or two subtitles, in the first 100 words of your posts and several times in the body itself. However, make sure that the keywords sound natural in your posts — don’t force them. Real humans are going to read your posts and it’s obvious when a keyword isn’t organic or unrelated to the context of the article.

Make sure that your information is relevant, well-researched and useful by linking to trusted sources for whatever the topic is. Share frequently on social media to build traffic to your site.

When optimizing for local searches — which is more important for a small to medium-sized local space, make sure that you include keywords specific to your area and that your language is adapted to the way people naturally speak.

Create Unique Social Media Content

Social media is such a great place to get business coming your way. That being said, you have to have an optimized social media profile. Make sure that all of the keywords are in the right places, that you are using good images and that you are creating valuable content.

Base the content on your social media on what your audience wants. Do they want job ads? Do they want funny work-related posts? Updates on important networking events? When you research your target audience, you’ll have a better sense of what they want and need from your social media channels.

User-generated social media content is another great idea. Ask people that are already coming to your coworking space to share some images of them in your office and invite them to tell their stories. Share their images on your own social media pages.

This gives you credibility and it shows that people are having fun and enjoying your space. They can also experience your coworking space from the perspective of a member. If a freelancer or a startup is working in your space, you can work out a deal with them in exchange for social media content that can improve your marketing strategy and engagement.

Let Your Brand Shine

Branding is so important nowadays. With the number of coworking spaces out there, branding is more important than ever. You need to differentiate yourself with personality rather than unique offers that others can easily replicate. Sure, people want commodities that they would have at home but they also want to work in a positive environment.

Your brand and community culture are what will persuade potential members to work with you.

Inject your unique brand voice in various different areas — blog posts, images, videos, long-form content, events that you host and so on.

Content is More Than Just Writing

Most people think content marketing is all about blog posts and other written materials. But there is just so much more you can do for your coworking space. For instance, videos and images are a great place to start if you lack someone who is good at writing.

You can offer useful tips to professionals while showcasing your space behind you. Tours of your office, interviews with members and with important people from various niches and so on will go a long way towards showcasing your space.

Filling a coworking space can sometimes be a challenge. But, when you know the audience you’re targeting and how to properly get your message through to them, filling seats can be a great deal easier. Follow these techniques in order to help fill the seats in your coworking space and keep your members happy.

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