How Wall Murals Enhance Coworking Spaces and Boost Productivity

Walls are essentially a blank canvas. There are endless possibilities for what you can do with them in a coworking space that lends itself to creative design. One particular method of using wall space is all the rage among thought leaders in the field of corporate design. The likes of Spotify, Airbnb, and Google are decking out their headquarters around the globe with custom office wall murals, and coworking spaces are naturally following this trend.

Wall murals, especially the types commissioned by tech royalty, feel extremely modern and edgy. They often draw from the aesthetics of street graffiti, which lends them a young and urban look that fits well in the big cities that attract tech talent.

But despite their modern feel, wall murals are an artform with ancient roots. From prehistoric cave paintings to Michaelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel, people have been turning walls into visual stories since the beginning of time.

Wall murals are such an enduring form of decoration because they are at once highly attractive, endlessly versatile, and incredibly efficient. These reasons are compelling enough for leading tech companies, but they also make wall murals an excellent design choice for offices and businesses of all kinds.

If you have plans to design or renovate your coworking space in the near future, here are 6 convincing arguments for why you should include a wall mural in your office design:

1. Maximize Space

Two-dimensional decorations have huge benefits when it comes to the efficient use of space. Wall murals take up exactly zero floor space. They do not block electrical outlets or natural lighting. They won’t interfere with WiFi signals or obstruct foot traffic.

2. Instantly Liven Up a Room

If there is a single office design element you can introduce to your space to make the biggest improvement, it is a wall mural. Rows of plain desks topped with computers; a cramped conference room; an empty hallway. Without changing anything else about the space, you could make all of these rooms much more dynamic and attractive with a wall mural.

3. Tell Your Brand’s Story

Office wall murals offer limitless branding potential and give you an opportunity to showcase the culture of your space. You can fill a mural with company colors and brand imagery or emblazon it with your coworking values. With some thoughtfulness and creativity, a custom wall mural can bring your coworking space and community identity to life.

4. Boost Productivity

Numerous studies link artwork and thoughtful design in the workplace to higher employee satisfaction and productivity. An inspiring office wall mural can serve as a daily source of motivation for your coworking members. A well-designed office space is also a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining the best talent. After all, you are trying to convince potential members to commit to renting upwards of 40 hours a week in your space. You might as well give them a work of art to gaze at while they’re there.

5. Low-Maintenance and Versatile

Unlike plants, wall murals don’t need to be watered. Unlike furniture, they don’t need to be dusted. And unlike a foosball table in the breakroom, they won’t spark bitter rivalries or disturbances among members in the common areas. Furthermore, rapid hiring won’t lead you to outgrow your wall mural. As a permanent and unimposing fixture in a space, a wall mural can stay put even as your memberships expand and furniture gets rearranged.

6. Wall murals can be, well, anything.

The sky's the limit when planning a wall mural. Because you can illustrate literally anything in a wall mural, there is no company culture or industry too conservative or too specific to benefit from an office wall mural.

Here are a few wall mural themes to inspire the design of your space:

Ckalkboard wall mural idea for coworking space
Geometry wall mural idea for coworking space
Mantra wall mural idea for coworking space
Abstract art wall mural idea for coworking space
Monochrome etching wall mural idea for coworking space
Road trip wall mural idea for coworking space
Cartoon wall mural idea for coworking space
natural scenery wall mural idea for coworking space
Collage wall mural idea for coworking space

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