How To Hire Staff For Your Space

Hiring staff for your coworking space is of vital importance. Professional manpower has always been the heartbeat of any company, but the success of a coworking location particularly depends on the people who run it. The team you choose represents the brand, partakes in the community development and defines your venue’s philosophy. Your employees will operate the location, create the vibe, interact with the members, answer their questions and help build the culture that people want to be part of.

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‍it is particularly important for a coworking team to be accommodating

Some Important Roles For Coworking Space

If you are new to the coworking business, you might be curious about the hiring process. How many employees should you hire and what roles should they fulfill? There is no single answer to this question because such factors as the size of your venue, application of coworking management software, the mission of your community and the marketing strategy impact the number of staff members you need. You might open a variety of positions from a receptionist, an in-house barista and brand ambassador to a sales director. Our advice is to concentrate on finding the people who would make the backbone of your company, in the first place.

In case your coworking space is people-oriented (which, ideally, it should be), those team members will be the employees that interact with the co-workers on a regular basis and make sure all their needs are satisfied. A smiling, genuine and friendly community manager who is ready to go out of their way to meet the needs of their respective members is the biggest asset to a shared workspace. If you decide to hire front desk personnel, make sure that the employees you hire are agreeable and helpful too.

‍a community manager is a key staff member that sets the atmosphere of your coworking place

Great Websites For Job Listing

What is the best way to find an excellent community manager? You can create a vacancy on your website or post a job add at one of the web portals such as, or

Usually, online posting brings quick results. You can also find the perfect fit in one of the Google+ communities. Another good idea is to ask your current employees whether they know someone whose character and mindset would fit your coworking space.

Once you have made a listing of suitable candidates for the job, it is essential to choose the one who will help your community flourish. That’s got to be a people person who understands the mission of your coworking space and is eager to become part of the community. When conducting an interview, do not overlook some of the important signs that will tell you that are dealing with a talented candidate.

Tips In Hiring The Staff

It does not matter that much whether a person has previous experience of working in coworking spaces. The key to success is to see a candidate’s potential. The person you are looking for should be highly motivated, have a strong work ethic and a helpful attitude. Ask a few probing questions that will enable you to evaluate whether a person is outgoing, eager to learn and assist others. Another excellent quality is the ability to multitask. Except for meeting people and showing them around, a community manager has to set the tone of the day, help members solve any of their problems, organize social events and foster collaboration that happens naturally.

We know how tough it is to staff a coworking space, but we hope that by following our advice you will be able to hire the people who will make your community flourish.

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