How to Sell Your Coworking Space and Support Local Businesses

The concept of coworking has helped millions of people to reimagine the traditional approach to work. These days young professionals do not have to rent out the entire space and can buy a daily pass or a monthly membership to use a shared desk. Coworking spaces not only help new startups and freelancers save on leasing costs but also nurture the collaborative spirit, allow flexibility and provide excellent communal facilities where people can interact while grabbing beer, having a snack or a delicious roasted coffee.

‍coworking stimulates networking, collaboration and a variety of opportunities for learning

Some spaces went a step further by partnering with local businesses and offering freelancers and startups attractive deals. Let us consider some of the benefits that members of coworking spaces can enjoy.

Kansas City, USA

Think Big Coworking located in Kansas City, MO provides its users who have a monthly Think Big Member status with a Membership Card that gives a bunch of enticing perks. Young professionals can find special member deals at a number of local businesses, such as:

· An exclusive price for the membership in a fitness center

· A 10% local pub discount during the weekdays

· Special rate for a superior room in a boutique hotel

· Free consultation at an advisory firm

· Chiropractic consultation and the first treatment for $39 instead of $250

· Complimentary drinks at a local Italian restaurant

· Discounted rates at a printing service

· Special pricing for interior design, office furniture and architectural products at a local interiors company

· Special drinks prices in an Austrian-German restaurant

· Member deals for drinks at the city’s best Wine Merchant


Singapore City, Singapore

Singapore’s Collective Works also gives its members extra value by cooperating with the local businesses. The exclusive benefits, among others, include:

· Special deals on an expat insurance package

· A free 30-minute legal consultation at a corporate and commercial law firm

· 20% off chiropractic sessions and physical therapy

· A free 30-minute professional advice at a venture club specializing in venture capital, accelerators and incubators

· Special deal (zero commission) for making international transfers using Worldfirst – a money transfer service

· A complimentary strength training class in a fitness studio

· Up to 30% discount at a menswear company

· 15% discount at Singapore’s 4 concept restaurants

· $230 discount on membership at Fitness First – world’s largest health club

· 5 free days of work at any of LExC’s (the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces) 69 offices across the globe

· A free golf session at the city’s only indoor golf court and 15% off all food and beverages

Washington, USA


Washington’s The CoLab might not be so rich in deals as Collective Works, but still, it offers attractive benefits for its members. Having the CoLab membership means that a freelancer is entitled to such discounts:

· Special offers at a local athletic club

· 15% discount on hosting service and a domain name registration at

· Member special deals on the monthly workshops organized by the coworking space

· Special vouchers on GoogleAdwords Clicks when using a local certified Google Adwords agency.

Why Are Discounts Attractive?

Such awesome perks encourage freelancers and startups to choose the coworking spaces offering special deals over those venues that don’t have any membership programs. They also promote local businesses and stimulate development in both personal and professional life. Besides, the coworkers also feel they are taken care of and being considered by their coworking space provider, making them feel welcome and likely to stay with the coworking space in the long run.

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