How to Identify Leads For Your Coworking Space

The coworking space target market can range from freelancers to developers, solopreneurs, designers, mini-startups, small businesses, and so forth. Whether you are the owner, manager, or operator of a coworking space, your primary concern is to generate leads and get these target customers to rent or lease your space. The big question is; how do you identify leads?

Identifying leads for your coworking space is important and will vastly benefit your business. However, this requires that you develop an effective lead generation and sales strategy for a coworking space. Instead of throwing your ads and marketing campaigns to the winds and hoping to catch something, identifying your target market will help you get the best out of your marketing resources. Here are some tips to help you identify and generate leads for your coworking space.

Start a Referral Process

An excellent way to identify leads for your coworking space is to start a referral process. Make the public aware of who your actual customers are. This can include freelancers, developers, sole proprietors, designers, and mini-startups. Offer them incentives when they refer their colleagues, friends, and other contacts to your coworking space. This will encourage them to spread the news about your business on your behalf.

Use Online Resources

In addition, you can identify leads for your coworking space by using online resources. Conduct comprehensive research about individuals who need office space in your area. Generate their contacts through social media or industry websites. If you don’t have the budget for a sleek online marketing tool like Hubspot or Marketo, you can at least start with detailed spreadsheets containing all the information you can gather from your contacts. Start marketing your coworking space to them through email or social media posts. There are plenty of free newsletter design tools, like Canva or Adobe Spark, that will allow you to create professional looking emails and other materials.

Direct Marketing

Identifying leads through direct marketing is another incredible sales strategy for a coworking space. This involves targeting customers directly through cold calling, direct mail, or running offers. Gather contacts or purchase industry-available contact lists about customers that patronize coworking spaces. Develop a sharp phone script and pitch it to these customers.

However, remember that timing is an essential factor in cold calling. Ensure that you time your call appropriately, not too late and not too early and with careful consideration of the person’s time. Attract these clients using incentives, complimentary services, giveaways, offers, and so forth, but still try to keep the call concise and friendly.

Media Campaigns

Furthermore, you can identify and generate leads by advertising to your coworking space target market using media campaigns. A great idea is to develop advertising campaigns for online media, industry magazines, and regional newspapers, guest content on industry blogs and websites and any other outlet you can think of to reach your target market. You can also contact organizations that specialize in generating leads and finding customers for coworking space businesses.


Lastly, you can identify leads for your coworking space by establishing an industry network. Through networking, you meet with clients and establish relationships which may produce leads and referrals. Start or join a network of business owners and professionals that use coworking spaces. Book a booth at a marketing expo or industry trade show and start talking to people. By making these in-person connections, you’ll not only have a better understanding of the industry, but also a growing support system.

There you have it! You can master the art of lead identification and generation by starting referrals, using online resources, direct marketing, and cold calling. You can also run media campaigns, network face-to-face, or a combination of all of these techniques!

However, ensure that you tailor your services to the needs of your prospects. Once you have identified these leads, ask them about their needs and goals. With this, you can offer them personalized services that give ultimate customer satisfaction and build lasting relationships. With the information provided above, you can develop an effective lead generation and sales strategy for a coworking space.

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