Best Ways to Advertise Your Coworking Space

As a coworking space provider, you need to ensure that you prioritize marketing in addition to other day-to-day functions. After all, without advertising, you'll have a much harder time attracting new members. Discover the best ways to attract coworking members, including some examples of successful advertising campaigns, below.

Start with a quality website

One of the most important aspects of your coworking space marketing plan should be having a easy-to-use and well-designed website. Your site should have a professionally created layout and include all the information potential members need, including hours, location, amenities and pricing. Don’t forget to include links to resources like a blog or social media pages.

Use social media to your advantage

Your coworking space advertising should also include a social media presence. Use Twitter to engage with and promote members, share news on Facebook and use Instagram to promote curated pictures of your space and events. Consider if your budget includes room for Facebook Ads or other targeted ads on social media.

Best Ways to Advertise Your Coworking Space

Leverage content marketing

You shouldn't overlook the benefits of content marketing for your coworking space either. You can do this through a blog on your website that offers information potential coworking members will want to know as well as tips and tricks. For content marketing to be effective, you need to know what your target audience wants from a space and what sets your space apart from others. Don’t forget to use search engine optimzation (SEO) to make the most from this advertising method.

Advertise near transport hubs

If your coworking space is in a city with a lot of commuters, make sure you place at least one advertisement in an area that these people will pass through on a daily basis. Many commuters and business travelers have trouble finding somewhere to get work done that is not a coffee shop, so take advantage of this built-in audience. Pay for posters in the local airports or in popular hotels, if this makes sense in your city. You can also even consider renting a billboard more suburban or rural areas.

Host engaging events

One of the best ways to advertise your coworking space is to hold events there, since this gives people a chance to check out the space while enjoying a positive experience. Consider hosting more than just networking events—think about what the workers in your area need, whether that's a chat with entrepreneurs, a yoga night, or a pop-up shop of local businesses. If you do not offer members 24/7 access, consider renting the space out for private events after-hours as well.

Best Ways to Advertise Your Coworking Space

Gift memberships strategically

An unexpected option that is one of the best ways to attract coworking members is to give memberships to local leaders in freelancing or entrepreneurship. This will encourage those icons to visit or even hold meetings or calls there, letting other people know about your coworking space for just the cost of a membership on your part.

Timeline for marketing

When advertising a coworking space, the earlier you start, the better. As soon as you start putting the space together, share photos of it on Instagram and let people know about the space. Most of the advertising will start when you are about to open, but ensure you keep marketing the space after.

Best Ways to Advertise Your Coworking Space

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Success Stories

Still wondering how successful spaces have launched and kept their momentum? Read on to find out how two coworking companies manage their advertising.

The Startup Building

The Startup Building located in Provo, Utah, successfully uses the marketing tactic of hosting events. It rented space for all sorts of local events, including pop-up boutiques, weddings, band competitions, and more. This not only gives the Startup Building extra income, but also lets others see the space.

Link Coworking

Link Coworking used the above option of gifting memberships to local icons with great success. Those icons did indeed hold meetings there and appreciated having use of the space. In return, the coworking company got traffic and built up a strong reputation over time.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to advertising a coworking space, there's no exact blueprint. That's what makes it so exciting, though—you get to decide exactly how your space presents itself to the huge amount of freelancers, startups, and corporations that are getting in on the coworking trend. As long as you start early and stay consistent, you'll find that advertising isn't as hard as it might seem.

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