Best Ways to Advertise Your Coworking Space

As a coworking space, you need to ensure that you take care of marketing in addition to day-to-day functions. After all, without coworking space advertising, you will have a hard time getting members. Discover the best ways to attract coworking members, including some examples of successful advertising campaigns.

Start With a Quality Website

One of the most important aspects of your coworking space marketing plan should be having a high-quality website. This website should have a professionally created layout and include all the information potential members need, including hours, location, amenities, and pricing. Don’t forget to include links to things like a blog or social media pages.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Your coworking space advertising should also include a social media presence. Use Twitter to engage with members and share news and use Instagram to share pictures of your space and events. Consider if your budget includes room for Facebook Ads or other social media targeted ads.

Social media is a great resource for coworking marketing.

Engage in Content Marketing

You should not overlook the benefits of content marketing for your coworking space either. You can do this via a blog on your website that offers information potential coworking members will want to know. For content marketing to be effective, you need to know what your target audience wants from a space and what sets your space apart from others. Don’t forget to use SEO and leverage connections to get the most from this advertising method.

Advertise by Transport Hubs

If your coworking space is in a city with a lot of travelers, make sure you target some advertisement in an area that these people will be. Many commuters and business travelers have trouble finding somewhere to get work done that is not a coffee shop. Pay for posters in the local airports or in popular hotels, if this makes sense in your city.

Host Events

One of the best ways to advertise your coworking space is to hold events there since this gives people who are curious a chance to check out the space while enjoying another benefit. Consider hosting more than just networking events. If you do not offer members 24/7 access, consider renting the space out for private events, as well.

Consider gifting a handful of coworking memberships to key players in the area to boost marketing.

Gift Memberships Strategically

An unexpected option that is one of the best ways to attract coworking members is to give a membership to a local icon in freelancing or entrepreneurship. This will encourage that icon to hold meetings there, letting others know about your coworking space for just the cost of a membership on your part.

Timeline for Marketing

When advertising a coworking space, the earlier you start, the better. As soon as you start putting the space together, share photos of it on Instagram and let people know about the space “coming soon.” Most of the advertising will come when you are about to open, but ensure you keep marketing the space after.

Success Story: The Startup Building

The Startup Building located in Provo, Utah, successfully uses the marketing tactic of hosting events. It rented space for all sorts of local events, including pop-up boutiques, weddings, band competitions, and more. This not only gives the Startup Building extra income but also lets others see the space.

Hosting events in your space can help promote it.

Success Story: Link Coworking

Link Coworking used the above option of gifting memberships to local icons with great success. Those icons did indeed hold meetings there and appreciated having use of the space. In return, the coworking company got traffic and built up a strong reputation.

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