Renting out Unused Commercial Space for Coworking

The majority of landlords and companies have to deal with unused commercial space. Many buildings are filled only during the third part of the day. For instance, if your business starts at 3 pm or, on the contrary, your office closes at 6 pm, you are aware of this. The desks stand there anyway, so you are paying for 24/7 leasing.

The new trend on theagile real estate market suggests making extra profit from the unused office space without the extreme efforts. The idea is simple and implies short-term space leasing for the time when you aren’t using your location. So it can be offered as a shared workplace or a coworking location. Those who travel around or are looking for a suitable place to work may find these options suitable. For instance, you have a big meeting room that is never full after 7 pm – offer it as a coworking space for freelance creators or startups.

Renting out Unused Commercial Space for Coworking
Filling unused office spaces is essential to increase profit.

You can seriously boost profit by renting out unused commercial spaces. Nowadays the workplace no longer means a mediocre office desk with your company logo on it. It is more of a place where your employee works, and it can be flexible. Additionally, sharing unused office space is environmentally-friendly. We already have these resources so why don’t we use them properly?

Where to Start Renting out Your Space

First of all, define what unused commercial space you have and at what time you can use it for coworking purposes. Make sure that it is suitable, has amenities such as a good Internet connection, printer, coffee machine, a private booth for phone calls and, ideally, a meeting room. It is also recommended to take quality pictures of your place to display it in various ads. Let your future clients see what awesome space they can rent!

The fastest and easiest way to promote your coworking space is by placing it on the Internet. You canlist your space on one of these commonly used services.

There are also other services such as, for instance, LiquidSpace. It was created specifically for sharing workplaces. You can create a simple profile and communicate directly with your potential clients. They also provide the Direct Agreement for Space Hosting. It is quick and straightforward in comparison to the standard lease formats.

Security is another important aspect for you to consider. You don’t want any information leaks. Of course, you want to protect your business and your new clients renting out unused commercial spaces. Try to resort to access control services such as Kisi. Kisi is one of the best keyless access control providers which is cloud-based and doesn’t have complex password requirements.

Renting out Unused Commercial Space for Coworking
Use keyless access control such as Kisi to keep your space secure 24/7

So define what you are going to share, make sure it is attractive and useful, secure your space, and upload an ad on the Internet. You can also benefit from other advertising services or do something creative, for instance, film a video guide to show your viewers around the office online.

Remember that it is essential to check with the legal aspects before starting any process. Consult with a professional or read your building's legal requirements and your long-term leasing agreement. Each building and landlord have their own rules so be sure not to break them. That’s all, and now it’s time to put your unused office space to good use!

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