Top Tips for Coworking on Social Media

The growing phenomenon of coworking presents an excellent business opportunity for those who want to open a coworking space, particularly when you market it correctly. In addition to listing your website on coworking-related websites and business pages, you must also create a social media presence if you want to be successful. The target audience for most coworking spaces will have a large overlap with the generations most active on social media, making this a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. With a strong, interesting social media presence, you can attract new members and keep your current members interested. Here are some of the top tips to enhance the social media presence and performance of your coworking space.

a range of social media
‍ Use a range of social media platforms in your coworking space’s digital marketing.

Post Regularly (and Not Just About Your Space)

To promote your coworking space on social media, ensure that you're active on various platforms. Just having a page will not be as effective as using it properly. By posting regularly, you can increase interactions with your space as well as your presence. Be sure to post more than just about your space. If you limit posts to those about your own space, people will get bored and unfollow you. Keep it interesting by also posting related things, such as fun photos or valuable advice for your audience on subjects like productivity. If you post quality content, people are more likely to follow you.

Post Photos That Match the Culture of Your Coworking Space

‍‍Let your photos show off the culture in your coworking space.

As you begin to fill up your social media pages with photos, be sure to showcase the culture of your coworking space. Follow the same strategies you would for other types of digital marketing. If you want to show that your space has a cozy, warm vibe, opt for photos and use filters that showcase that feeling. You want your photos and videos to give an idea of the culture of your space, whether you emphasize a family-friendly feel, appeal to tech enthusiasts, or embody a supportive environment.

Show Off Your Services and Amenities

space and amenities
Show off your well-designed space and amenities

It's important to showcase your space on social media but it can't be the end all. Instead of listing your amenities or services, go ahead and include pictures of them. Upload photos of the networking events or speakers you host. Show a picture of someone working in one of the unique seating areas you have. Show socialization in front of the kitchen area. Tag members who are accomplishing cool things and showcase their work.

Interact With Others

Part of your digital marketing strategy should include interacting with potential members and social media is the perfect place to do this. Use your social presence to create a community feeling where you like and comment on content posted by others—whether they're members or part of another coworking company on the other side of the country. Don’t be afraid to like posts of competitors, as this creates a positive environment that boosts the coworking industry as a whole. You can even create hashtags that relate to coworking and encourage others to use them.

Ensure Quick Response Times

Respond quickly
‍‍Respond quickly to notifications, so potential members know you provide timely support.

Remember that in today’s modern, technologically-driven world, many potential customers will contact your company via social media. Do what you can to ensure a quick response time, so potential members don't have to wait. Pages like Facebook will display your average response time, and a lower figure indicates you care about your members, something those in search of a coworking space will appreciate.

Track Your Performance

Use analytics tool to track your social media performance

After you've done all of the above steps, it is important that you know how your social media is performing. Tools such as Google Analytics can help you identify what is driving traffic to your website, how good is your conversion and many more insightful data. Make sure to set up a tool to keep yourself aware of your social media performance.

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