Key Areas of Coworking Space Daily Operations

Coworking spaces are incredibly popular for those who work from home, as well as startups and even larger corporations. Many companies are arriving to take advantage of the coworking trend and offer this type of versatile space to members. Just like any other business, there is more to running a coworking space than just finding the location and getting it started. There are also plenty of daily operations that you need to account for to ensure that your space continues to run smoothly.

Janitorial Service

‍Janitorial services
‍Janitorial services are a key part of daily operations for coworking spaces.

As the owner of a coworking space, you must ensure that your building or space is always clean, which requires some sort of janitorial service. The person or team in charge of this will need to keep the kitchens, bathrooms, and shared areas clean. They will likely also vacuum and clean areas, such as private offices and desks, while leaving members’ items in place. There are two main options when it comes to the janitorial element of daily operations: You can outsource by hiring a cleaning service to come in and take care of this or hire a dedicated staff member to take care of cleaning. The choice will likely depend on the size of your coworking space. In either case, try to ensure that the brunt of the cleaning takes place during off-peak hours, so it does not distract those working.

Fire Safety

When setting up coworking spaces, you must pay attention to fire safety and other elements of disaster preparedness. You will need to comply with regulations, such as having fire extinguishers, blankets, and other elements, as well as clearly labeled emergency exits. To ensure this aspect of daily operations goes smoothly, start off on the right foot by consulting an expert on fire safety regulations before you open. Then, consider hiring a third party to occasionally walk through your space and confirm you are prepared in case of a fire. This will prevent disasters and fines associated with not being ready for them, and it should be part of your regular schedule.

Reception Service

receptionist is needed
‍You will likely need a receptionist to handle basic daily operations.

All coworking spaces will have a designated reception area, but the specific roles for it can vary. At the very least, you want someone to greet members and potential members when they come in, provide information, answer the phone, and handle mail. To help this go smoothly, plan out the space when you set up your coworking area. Decide if mailboxes will go by the reception desk or in a separate room. You also need to choose what extra supplies the receptionist will handle and what services they will provide. You will likely want to hire a dedicated receptionist for this role, although you will have to determine the hours they work and their duties. You could also theoretically outsource the phone answering service if you prefer.

Access Control

access control options
‍There are multiple access control options available.

One of the most crucial elements of coworking daily operations is access control, meaning how people gain access to the property. For smaller spaces that are only open during normal business hours, simply having a receptionist on hand to screen people may be enough. If you have a 24/7 coworking space, then you need to figure out how members will gain access at night and whether it is worth it to have a receptionist on hand during those times. The best solution will likely be access via a keycard or smartphone application.

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