Here's Why Your Business Should Choose Wework As Its Office

WeWork is one of the world’s largest coworking space chains. Founded in new york in 2010, the company offers coworking spaces to entrepreneurs, startup companies, freelancers and larger entreprises. WeWork has been growing at a high speed ever since its establishment. It now has more than 2,000 employees and locations in 23 United States cities and 21 countries including Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, India, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and United Kingdom. The next step of WeWork’s plan is to expand in Asian countries.

If you are a small enterprise or a startup, WeWork is definitely worth considering for your team. We have spotted several reasons why you should choose a WeWork coworking space over renting a traditional office room. Keep reading and find out whether they fit your business and team!

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1. Low Price With High Flexibility

Whether you are a small team of three or a fast growing company with increasing headcounts, WeWork has a membership plan for you. For those who want the opportunity to be social at work and share creative ideas, but also want a desk of their own, dedicated desk is the perfect solution, price starting at $350/month. If your team is growing and needs an office for better privacy, the private offices are fully furnished and move-in ready, price starting at $450/month.

2. Workspace With Great Location And Full Amenities

The lower price does not compromise the location nor the quality of the coworking spaces. WeWork offices are usually at convenient locations of the cities, for example in San Francisco there are WeWork offices located at the heart of downtown. Because why wouldn’t your company want shorter commuting time?

The facilities at WeWork spaces are all you need for business: high speed internet, bright spaces, large common areas, business-class printing and scanning, conference rooms and private phone booths. Your company does not need to spend any extra money or energy setting up a new office, WeWork has taken care of all of those for you.

Why WeWork

3. Higher Productivity And Motivation For Your Employees

What can be more motivating than working alongside ambitious, productive people? There are many industrious companies and entrepreneurs working at WeWork spaces, and they certainly create a hard-working vibe. Your company and employees are surrounded by the creative and focused vibe which sparks new ideas and motives everyone to work efficiently. In fact, plenty of WeWork members commented that working at WeWork helps them stay motivated, and they get much less distraction than working from home or at coffee shops.

4. Connect To A Community That Helps Your Business Grow

Apart from the ‘’hardware’’ side that is the building and facilities WeWork offers, the ‘’software’’ aspect is equally beneficial to your business. When you have a new business, you want to be part of a community that can help you and provide expertise and experiences, WeWork does just that. At the coworking spaces, plenty of events are being held to engage the companies to form a helpful community: Lunch and Learns where the members share expertise, knowledge, and valuable tips. Networking events and sessions with industry leaders are also great opportunities to gain knowledge and connections. As members of WeWork you get entrance to all such events, make sure to take full advantage of them!

Connect To A Community

5. Some Other Important Reasons

  • You can meet your clients properly: it’s fine to meet your clients at coffee shops in the very start of your business. But as it grows, you want to meet in more professional environments. WeWork provides its members with conference rooms of various sizes that are open to book. Next time your clients come to your workplace, they will be taken to highly modern and professional conference rooms, they are sure to appreciate it and take the meeting seriously!
  • You can have both social activities and privacy: at coworking spaces, you get to be mingling and chatting with other business and entrepreneurs. Be it work lunch, afterwork or networking nights, WeWork provides plenty of chances to socialize. Sometimes however, your business really needs privacy. WeWork spaces are equipped with private phone booths with excellent soundproofing, you can feel free to discuss your next deal in one of those without whispering!

Why would you not choose WeWork?

We thought it could be interesting since a few readers suggested there are some reasons why not to join WeWork, we’d list a couple of them. We hope this makes this article more balanced. Do let us know if we skipped anything!

  • If you want a very high level of privacy: WeWork is all about coworking and sharing the spaces with its community, naturally this also means thinner walls than traditional offices. In addition, since so many companies are taking up many rooms, and people want natural light, the rooms are divided with glasses instead of real walls. This results in reduced privacy, one can easily see what the others are doing. Soundproofing is also not as good as normal offices. Although WeWork does provide private phone booths and conference rooms, it can be a hassle having to go to those all the time. Therefore, if your company is constantly handling sensitive issues or at a phase where a lot of confidential information is involved, you might want to reconsider.
  • If ‘’ownership’’ is important for you- coworking means better prices, community support and many other benefits, but essentially you do not own your office like you do in traditional office buildings: even if you opt for private office option at WeWork, the common area, the conference rooms, the phone booths and even the bathrooms are still shared with tons of other people.
  • If you do not want to get distracted by frequent events- for some startups, having the chance to attend networking events, mingling, DJ nights and happy hour parties at WeWork is truly a blessing, but it is not the case for everyone. Although you do not have to attend such events, it is hard to concentrate when people are cheering and having fun in the same space as you. If your company requires high level of focus most of the time, for example your work involves a lot of writing and in-depth reading, then WeWork may not be the best solution.

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