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Are you one of those creative individuals who started their own business and quit the office life for good? Or, are you the owner of an awesome coworking space welcoming the people who upgraded from traditional office life? Coworking spaces motivate members to move forward and help them streamline their goals. What’s their secret?

Coworkers discussing a project.

A recent survey shows that 84 percent of coworking enthusiasts have become more engaged and motivated. Social interactions and networking enhanced their emotional well-being. 89 percent of the respondents claim to feel happier since they joined a coworking space, and 83 percent have felt less lonely.

The social aspect of coworking seems to improve overall quality of life. In this article, we’ve picked the five best books about coworking for space owners, managers, operators, as well as the creative entrepreneurs who are their customers. We’ve described the essence of the coworking movement and its benefits as well as the latest operational techniques and management principles. Check out these bestsellers to facilitate your business!

Best Books for Coworkers

Coworking collaboration
Members of a coworking space in collaboration.

"Coworking: How Freelancers Escape the Coffee Shop Office"

Authors: Angel Kwiatkowski & Beth Buczynski

Looking for a decent place to escape from a boring coffee shop or home office? It’s time to join the global coworking movement involving more and more people all over the world! This book explains why coworking spaces are more than just a common working area. They help creative individuals to succeed by uniting their efforts. Such freelancers become the members of the global community, which means they receive support from their peers and have the right to participate in a plethora of trainings and events, as well as share their experience. The authors tell compelling stories based on the experience of the world’s best collaborative workspaces.

"Working in the 'Unoffice'"

Authors: Andrew Tang & Genevieve DeGuzman

If you want to quit the office or would just prefer a more flexible schedule, this book is for you! It will become your guide on how to select the most suitable coworking option and successfully adjust to its culture and environment. Boost innovation with the support of your vibrant new community and learn from the experience of other creative entrepreneurs. You will find engaging conversations and fantastic interviews with 33 independents and entrepreneurs in this best-seller, making it one of the most informative books for coworkers. Additionally, you will learn from the experience of 19 collaborative workspace founders also mentioned in the book.

Best Books for the Owners and Managers of Coworking Spaces

coworking space
Successfully manage your coworking space.

Coworking space owners spend a lot of time with customers, but attracting new clients is often the least of their worries. If you're one of them, feel free to accept the wise advice from the authors of these bestsellers.

"The Coworking Handbook: Learn How to Create and Manage a Successful Coworking Space"

Authors: Ramon Suarez et al.

This one's great for beginners! It shares valuable tips on how to open and run an awesome collaborative workspace. It will help you learn from the mistakes of others by avoiding the typical pitfalls of the coworking industry. You will also find out how to build a community, handle the important issues, get media attention, and grow your business.

"Coworking: Building Community as a Space Catalyst"

Authors: Angel Kwiatkowski & Beth Buczynski

The authors of this book emphasize the importance of the community over the space itself. They provide you with useful tips on how to build a strong community culture and take your business to the next level. After reading this book you'll turn into an efficient coworking space catalyst who draws motivated freelancers to the community.

"Forecasting Coworking: Architectural Strategies"

Authors: Cassie Hibbert, Ted Kimble, & Justin White

Whether you’re new to the coworking business or already run it, this book will tell you the industry secrets you don’t know. You'll discover the latest trends in the sector; for example, did you know that by the end of 2018 about 1.7 million people will be working in about 19,000 coworking spaces? This industry is growing quickly, so it’s essential to follow the trend. Learn what’s about to happen in the world of shared workspaces soon and how to make the most of it!

coworking amenities
Coworking is known for its unique workspaces.


It’s always better to learn from the best and these skilled experts provide just that. Find out how coworking influencers achieved success in 2018. Moreover, innovation is key to the coworking industry, so don’t forget to install the best coworking space management software. Here are also 10+tools and platforms to help coworking space operators maximize efficiency. Good luck!

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