5 Lessons Coworking Businesses Can Learn from These Successes

We've heard of Gucci social media strategy successfully cracking the luxury code with millennials, Mailchimp's original branding and more success stories from big brands. Believe it or not, these are all skills coworking spaces can pick up on too. If you are building your own business, you will know that success depends on many factors. It is always a good idea to look up the big players around the world. Each of the big brands has its strengths so you can learn from their success stories. This article includes 5 key directions for coworking space learnings that you can use in your business.

5 Lessons Coworking Can Learn from Big Brands

1. Original and Consistent Branding

It is hard to name a company that is more famous for its branding than Apple. The company has created an entirely new and innovative design for their products keeping it simple and not overloaded with details. What is also significant about Apple is the consistency of the brand and the feeling of exclusivity it gives to their customers.

To stand out with your branding, be original and try something that has never been done before. Find a gap in the market and create aspecific niche for your product. Another critical aspect is having a human image of the brand – get to know your customers and communicate with them sincerely as if they were your friends. Always underline your strong points, be conspicuous, and make your clients’ experiences valuable.

2. Targetted Marketing Strategies

5 Lessons Coworking Businesses Can Learn from These Successes
Creating a marketing strategy is of paramount importance to any business success

Adidas is an excellent example of marketing at the highest level. Take, for instance, their successful real-time marketing strategies such as mini-series created on YouTube during a Super Bowl in 2014. They are known for using big events and data to attract attention to their brand. They also encourage their audience to contribute to the content creation process.

The success of Adidas points shows that a good marketing strategy is built upon several directions, such as a long-term strategy and real-time marketing during significant worldwide or local events. Try to endorse the customers’ response to your content – create a challenge or the way everyone can contribute to the brand.

3. Operations Safety

Safety should be at the core of any business strategy as it is essential for productivity. Huge companies like Johnson & Johnson always care about their business security. This company is present in 54 countries all over the world. One of the top priorities that made it possible is a close attention to safety thanks to which all processes are under control, well-organized and efficient. Provision of a safe workspace is crucial to obtain consistent results.

Coworking space isn’t a huge plant, but it should place emphasis on keeping everything and everyone secure.

4. Employee Happiness

According to Glassdoor, Google gained the 5th place among the other 100 best employers in 2017. It is known for paying attention to the employees’ satisfaction. The secret lies not only in the salary level but also in other perks which include insurance package, massage sessions, meals, etc.

Providing great conditions for the employees is important because people make for the crucial factor which defines business success. By introducing perks and bonuses, you can attract brighter minds who are looking beyond salary when it comes to choosing an employer.

5. Social Media Presence

5 Lessons Coworking Businesses Can Learn from These Successes
Being present on social media is one of the easiest ways to reach potential customers

We live in the digital age so no list of coworking space learnings would be complete without this point. It is the quickest way to spread the word about your business and get closer to your audience. For instance, Netflix showed the best way to use their statistic data – they use it by posting funny and witty twits. The company also applies a lot of pop culture references to stay in touch with their audience. Netflix Twitter account is known for prompt and witty replies to the followers.

First of all, choose the right social network for you – they all have peculiarities. The most successful way of communication on the Internet has proven to be humor, as long as it is appropriate. Speak the same language as your marketing audience and use good references.

Take these 5 strategies into consideration to improve your coworking space. Make it safe, conspicuous and beneficial for your employees to increase general productivity. Apply the success stories of the big market players to achieve your goals!

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