Collaboration Hubs Vs. Coworking Spaces

Did you know that WeWork started opening collaboration hubs on Manhattan, New York, for cancer research? The WeWork business model now includes the new option of creating shared spaces to help cancer researchers, oncology companies, and patients collaborate and come up with brilliant solutions. They gather together, but they no longer do it in a typical coworking space. The spaces WeWork is launching throughout the U.S. are called corpoworking spaces. Never heard of those? They are also called collaboration hubs, and they are the new coworking trend.

Collaboration Hubs Vs. Coworking Spaces
Some collaboration hubs unite people of different backgrounds who start serving a challenging mission of making the world a better place

Unique Сoworking Experiences Are in Trend

Various forms of coworking are quickly emerging to unite the brilliant minds under the same roof and reach the global goals together. There exist different innovation and collaboration hubs as well as the living labs and innovation labs. For instance,the Biden Cancer Initiative is applying several corpoworking concepts to make a significant progress in treatment. It uses the services of the top-notch startups’ to help the patients who are struggling with cancer. Additionally, its Open Homes program is currently being expanded by Airbnb helping people who are receiving cancer treatment to find a free accommodation. Moreover, nonemergency medical transportation is also being brought to the next level due to Lyft that is collaborating with diverse hospitals to coordinate rides.

Collaboration Hubs Vs. Coworking Spaces
A Shared corpoworking space boosts innovation and enhances research possibilities as brilliant minds can work on a common life-changing project

Difference Between Coworking Spaces and Collaboration Hubs

What is an innovation lab? It is an initiative promoting innovation by gathering creative people in the same space to achieve a particular goal. Physical proximity of the people with interdisciplinarity backgrounds and experience can work miracles. They tend to chat, ideate, experiment, and create the prototypes of the most innovative solutions. Their creative efforts are inspired by mutual trust, knowledge sharing, and the desire to make a significant change in the world.

Advanced coworking space owners also apply additional encouragement techniques and instruments to enhance their members’ creative efforts. These progressive facilitation instruments are able to skyrocket the interaction atcorpoworking spaces. For instance, WeWork managed to fuel the collaboration between IBM and its key clients. What did the company invent to help IBM achieve important goals?

IBM and Its Corpoworking Spaces

The disruptive space WeWork created for IBM does not look like a traditional office. An open-space large room contains up to 40 desks, several coaches, a large table, and stools. The members can move almost all the furniture so that the interior changes almost every day. IBM employees and their clients feel much more relaxed in the space created by WeWork, but not only because of the movable furniture. They can participate in various activities boosting their creativity without any “corporate” limitations. Basically, it’s a“neutral” space where IBM employees can freely collaborate applying their outstanding ideas. All of the participants are engaged in “design thinking” sessions which result in coming up with the innovative solutions together with one of the company’s most crucial client.

What are other corpoworking types helping to streamline the innovation at the company or even among several businesses? Today, wise coworking space owners may regard numerous opportunities to bring their business to the next level. They can open a thematic space or experiment in a more serious way to create an innovation intermediary. It will unite the creative minds with a common goal they will be glad to reach together.

Your new corpoworking may take the form of an experimental hub, a shared interaction space, an innovation studio, a concept factory, an innovative gym, or a creative platform. The main thing is to utilize the openness and desire to share brilliant ideas under the roof of your space. Apply the techniques mentioned above to facilitate innovation and boost creativity in your state-of-the-art corpoworking space.

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