Inspiring Coworking Concepts From Around the World

In an increasingly digital world, working remotely is becoming the new “norm,” and coworking spaces have embraced this. According to data sourced by Statista, in 2005 there were only three co-working spaces in the entire world. In 2017 that number had climbed to 15,000 with the trend still showing signs of growth. Each coworking space that comes to fruition attempts to bring its own unique design, resources, and concepts for its tenants. Below are a few of these concepts.

Inspiring Coworking Spaces and Concepts

Spaces With Flexible Terms

Having flexibility with regards to leasing terms is an enticing factor for many potential entrepreneurs looking for an office to conduct their daily business in. At LiquidSpace, the coworking space offers freelancers and entrepreneurs flexible lease terms as a way to cater to their business structure. Liquidspace allows lease terms to be as little as one hour to a month or longer. Flexible leasing structures is a concept that many other coworking spaces have begun to adapt.

Interesting Coworking Office Locations

It makes sense that coworking spaces, having broken away from your “traditional” office layouts, choose offices and floor plans that inspire others, cultivate creativity, and provide their own sense of style. It would help explain why this new age coworking concept has resulted in many coworking spaces around the world to reside in non-traditional buildings. An example is Remix in Paris, France. The company owns five coworking spaces throughout the city with some based out an old artist’s squat, a computer center, and even a former brothel. The lure of working in an old residential building turned office is the coworking concepts that many entrepreneurs seek.

Spaces With Food and Fun

Being a busy entrepreneur often leads to a big appetite. Coworking spaces around the globe are looking for unique ways to fill this void while also trying to make space a place of community and productivity. Betahaus, with offices located in Berlin, Hamburg, and Barcelona, encourage the employees to take multiple breaks throughout their day built in, personal cafe. Betahaus’s cafe, Betacafe, is a place for entrepreneurs to complete their work, network with others, or take a few minutes to wind down and relax all the while they eat a pastry and drink a coffee (or even a beer!)

More Space Without The Hassle

An interesting coworking concept, one that aligns with the flexibility that coworking spaces often provide, is the capability for entrepreneurs and startups to gain same-day access to other workspaces within the same network. At Breather, you are able to not only rent your main coworking space but also have access to additional areas at no charge. So whether you need to meet a client close by, or the team is expanding, these other spaces provide freelancers and startups more flexibility to be able to do the work they need to do.

Event-Heavy Spaces

One of the most common features of coworking spaces is the openness of them. The open floor plans allow for other business and entrepreneurs to network and learn from each other, and coworking space companies have begun to recognize this and understand that openness and inclusiveness tend to lead to better and more innovative products. It’s why many of these companies will host events beyond the “traditional” holiday ones regularly. For example, at Remix, they host up to 400 events throughout the year as a way to get their tenants to interact and grow together, even if they all don’t work at the same company or industry. As a result, many of the entrepreneurs and startups that have resided at a Remix have gone on to evolve into better people and companies.

Freelancers Like To Have Fun

No matter what industry you are in or what you do for a living, you and everyone else enjoy cutting it loose and relaxing after a long day of work. Coworking spaces all around the world recognize this and want to be able to original and fun amenities that will allow you to relax and not think about work. It's another unique coworking concept that has led to spaces installing rooftop pools, large screening rooms, pool, and ping-pong tables, and libraries filled with books and journals. It's these perks that make it enticing for any entrepreneur and startup and thus can lead to better talent residing in the coworking space.

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