What Makes a Good Business Center?

What Are Business Centers?

Working outside of a traditional office has become widely popular in recent years. There is an increased demand for co-working spaces, with one of the earliest forms being business centers. Business centers are often spaces in hotels that have computers and desks readily available for travelers. However, they have grown and can offer the necessary services and facilities to fulfill any business’ needs. Finding the right business center can save a company time and money due to their attractive locations that add business potential. But not every business center was made equal, so here are a few qualities you should look for in your next co-working space.

Basic Amenities

Before you get swept away by the bells and whistles of a company, you want to ensure the business center provides essential amenities like meeting rooms, security, cafeteria, high-speed internet, and reception. The ideal business center will also provide sufficient desk space with meeting rooms so that you can host your business fully from the center.

Networking Opportunities

One of the largest business centers in Phoenix, Co+Hoots, can host more than 250 entrepreneurs and businesses. For a daily fee, the business center users gain access to open offices, enclosed offices, and plenty of individual desks. What sets Co+Hoots apart is their ability to bring together their members. Each of their members gains access to business development programs, including Midweek Lunch and Learns, Hoot Hour networking events, and Success Lab events.

In addition, this business center features weekly educational panels to help educate business owners on how to scale their business. A business center like Co+Hoots aims to create a collaborative environment that helps support and encourage entrepreneurs.


The location of a business center matters, because it can help keep you connected to your city, and save you time and effort in the commute. If you are planning on holding meetings at your rented space, you should consider a place that is easily accessible to your business associates and clients. Of course, if the business center is located in a particularly desirable location in the middle of a busy city, you might find that the monthly cost will be higher, so you will have to weigh access and budget in your decision.

Cup of Joe

It might sound simple, but a good cup of coffee can make a big difference in your productivity. Most business centers will offer coffee, but many times it is not top-notch. Some of the best business centers will make space for an artisanal coffee stand. Having access to this added kick of caffeine can help members get through the day and also can serve as a social meeting place, assisting the members with networking and forming connections.

Quality over Design

A good business center invests in quality, and not just something that is “cool” or “trendy.” Of course, if the furniture not only is good quality and looks nice, it is a bonus, but you don’t want to sit in a chair all day that is uncomfortable but makes you look really cool. It is something that is overlooked when you are browsing business centers, but finding a chair with strong lumbar support is invaluable.

Bonus: All-in-One Amenities

Another of the largest business centers, WeWork, goes above and beyond with their offered amenities at their San Jose office. With magnificent views, the center also offers a gym with showers, a game room, and an outdoor wellness space. They go above and beyond with what they offer to encourage their members to work hard but have fun while doing it.
Finding the best business center for you is easy, as long as you find the features that matter most to you. A business center is an excellent way to have an office without having to sign an expensive office rental. As business centers continue to grow in popularity, there is a chance traditional offices could be a thing of the past.

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