The Role of a Community Manager in a Coworking Space

Over the past few years, there has been an undeniable upward spike in coworking. From the dynamic environments of global chains such as WeWork and Regus to more homey, single-space coworking venues, freelancers and startups are flooding them, attracted not only by bold design or free coffee but also by joining a community and where they feel motivated, embraced and fulfilled.

Because of this interest, the role of a community manager in a coworking space cannot be overstated. It does not only take a good marketing campaign to draw members to a coworking venue; it takes effort to retain long-term clients and build a close-knit community where people can enjoy collaborating while working. And that’s exactly the task of community managers. They meet and greet newcomers with a welcoming smile, oversee social events, create a collaborative environment and work to make each member feel at ease.

Roles and responsibilities

A good community manager can have a tremendous impact on the success of any coworking space. They should start by introducing new members into the community, but their duties can extend far beyond that, touching every part of the client experience. They should understand the needs of your space's members, first and foremost, which allows them to accomplish so much more. Community managers are problem-solvers who are eager to go the extra mile for the entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and freelancers who are investing in your space.

The best community managers organize fun social events, like yoga or happy hour, and encourage clients to participate. They can also extend invites to influencers and mentors to conduct educational seminars and workshops, keep your space stocked with coffee and snacks, provide support to young professionals who need advice, and collect feedback from members to analyze where service could be improved.

The benefits of community managers

Building a healthy ecosystem in your coworking space is imperative—that way, members can come together to work, socialize and have fun in an organic, constructive way. Community managers provide this support, becoming the go-to people for a boost of energy and whenever a coworker requires assistance.

Your clients will feel empowered and supported just knowing that there's someone on staff who is focused on forming bonds and creating meaningful relationships. In a way, community managers are also somewhat responsible for branding your space and putting it on the map. They'll become a familiar face that's associated positively with your business.

Key takeaways

Taking into account the points outlined above, it's crucial to have a good community manager who helps establish a flourishing and vibrant shared workspace. They bring life into your growing community and shape its culture with sustainability in mind. Basically, they concentrate on happiness rather than on monetization, which allows your space to succeed.

That’s what a true coworking community is all about: a strong, caring culture. In turn, an excellent community of like-minded people will undoubtedly improve any coworking space, be it a global chain or a family-run business.


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