The Role of a Community Manager in a Coworking Space

Over the past few years, there has been an upward spike in coworking. From the dynamic environments of global chains such as WeWork and Regus to home-like family-run coworking venues, freelancers and startups have been flooding coworking spaces. The latter attract millennials not only with a pretty design or complimentary coffee and tea. People join such places because they want to be part of a community and where they feel motivated, embraced and fulfilled.

In a coworking space, the role of a community manager cannot be overrated. It does not only take a good marketing campaign to draw members to a coworking venue. In fact, it takes a lot more effort to retain long-term clients and build a close-knit community where people enjoy coming and collaborating while working. And that’s exactly the task of a community manager. He or she meets and greets newcomers with a welcoming smile, is responsible for social events organization, creates a collaborative environment and makes each member feel at ease. A community manager also overlooks the place and makes sure there are no operational glitches that would affect any processes.

community manager
‍Thanks to a community manager independent professionals build relationships and trust in each other

What Can Community Managers Contribute To Your Space?

A good community manager has a tremendous impact on the success of any coworking space because he or she:

·         Induces new members into the community.

·         Understands the members’ needs.

·         Is a problem-solver who is eager to go the extra mile for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and freelancers. For example, if a freelancer’s pet is unwell, they can help by advising the best vet clinic around or help take the animal down to the car.

·         Comes up with various ideas, organizes fun social events, introduces Happy Hours and encourages people to participate in those events.

·         Invites influencers and mentors who conduct educational seminars and workshops.

·         Makes sure your space has not run out of coffee or biscuits.

·         Provides support to the young professionals whenever something goes wrong.

·         Receives feedback from members and analyzes where the service could be improved.

·         Is responsible for the coworkers’ integration.

What More Can Coworking Managers Do?

·         Builds a healthy ecosystem in which members come together to work, socialize and have fun in an organic way.

·         Is the go-to person whenever a co-worker requires anything.

·         Empowers people of the community. It is thanks to a community manager that people start forming bonds and creating relationships.

·         Is responsible for branding and putting the coworking space on the map.

·         Facilitates growth.

·         Shapes the community.

coworking is not only about work. Social events are not less important

Now You See Why Community Managers Are Important

Taking into account the points outlined above, it is of crucial importance to have a good community manager who helps establish a flourishing and vibrant shared workspace. He or she brings life to your coworking community, retains its structure while modeling the community depending on its needs and juggles a million tasks at the same time. Basically, he or she concentrates on people being happy rather than on the space to be filled with members to monetize it. And that’s what a true coworking community is all about. In turn, an excellent community of like-minded people will undoubtedly ramp up any coworking space be it a global chain or a local family-run venue.

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