Monthly Coworking Event Ideas

As the owner of a coworking space, you want to host regular events to build community. Monthly events will help your members get to know each other better and feel as if you are truly creating a community. As a bonus, events can also attract new members to your space, boosting your revenue. Take a look at some coworking event ideas, so you do not run out of options, no matter the time of the year.

Month-by-Month Coworking Event Ideas

Instead of racking your brain to come up with events you must host, get some ideas for each specific month of the year.

Monthly Coworking Event Ideas
Consider hosting yoga in January to help members recover from any overindulgences during the holidays.

January: In January, members are recovering from overindulging during the holidays. Consider hosting an event related to health and wellness, such as a group yoga class or meditation.

February: In some countries, Valentine’s Day is the “Day of Love and Friendship” so celebrate the friendship aspect of it with a special event around Feb. 14. This is a terrific way to reinforce the idea that your community is made up of friends. CoSydney has celebrated Valentine’s Day with a temporary free membership, so consider that option, as well.

March: In March, consider holding a workshop to help members learn to file their taxes before Tax Day in mid-April. This way, they can get answers to their questions with time to spare.

April: For Earth Day in April, consider events you must host, such as some sort of speaker, workshop, or brainstorming session on how to minimize our impact on the planet. On Earth Day in 2018, Green Spaces combined its Earth Day celebrations with its 10-year anniversary; use them for inspiration.

May: The International Day of Families is in May (it was the 15th in 2018), so consider hosting a family-friendly event where you invite members who are parents to bring their kids along to play games, get treats, and more.

June: June 21 marks the start of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), so consider hosting a summer celebration for your members. If you have an outdoor area, set it up there or bring some flowers inside.

July: International Friendship Day is a UN day on July 30 that promotes friendship across cultures. Host an event to celebrate where members are encouraged to give five-minute presentations on their cultures.

August: In honor of International Youth Day in mid-August, let your members vote on a community outreach or service project to work on together to help the local youth.

September: Consider a pizza party in September to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day, which will be on the 5th in 2019.

October: October is the perfect time to host a Halloween party for your coworking members. Follow the lead of CirCoOp and encourage dressing up by giving out prizes for costumes. Don’t forget to include spooky snacks, as well.

November: Consider hosting a Thanksgiving-related event, such as a “community Thanksgiving” or “Friendsgiving.” For example, The Coven hosts a “seasonal eats” event.

December: With the winter holidays taking place in December, it is the perfect time for a fun and educational event where members can share what and how their cultures celebrate in December, whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else.

Monthly Coworking Event Ideas
Consider hosting a gift exchange during the winter holidays

While some of the events will require budgeting, you can come up with some ways to afford them with ease. For example, consider asking a member to give a workshop in exchange for a month of free membership. Or consider charging a small admission fee or suggested donation amount. Or just account for your event costs when determining membership pricing.

The Takeaway for Coworking Events

When it comes down to it, you should have no problem finding events to build community in your coworking space. This is particularly true for niche communities since you will have shared interests. You can even consider selling or giving away tickets to community members to increase profits. Selling tickets would bring you upfront revenue, while gifting them could earn you revenue in the form of potential new members who enjoy your coworking event ideas.

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