Coworking for Digital Nomads

With new advances in technology, more and more people have chosen to become digital nomads. Digital nomads are those who work remotely and tend to travel. Most digital nomads will do their work in a range of physical locations, such as coworking spaces, coffee shops, libraries, and even at home. Essentially, they will work anywhere they have an internet connection.

Coworking for Digital Nomads
Digital nomads get to work anywhere they want providing there is an internet connection, making it possible to explore new areas.

Among the various options for locations to work as a digital nomad, coworking spaces are one of the best thanks to the amenities, environment, and other factors. Digital nomads can take advantage of shared coworking spaces thanks to the ability to enjoy amenities like printing, coffee, and fast internet, along with networking opportunities and an office-like environment that minimizes distractions while encouraging productivity.

What Should A Digital Nomad Look for in a Coworking Space?

When choosing which of the many coworking spaces you wish to work at, you should be on the lookout for a few specific factors. Pay attention to the community as a whole. The best coworking spaces will foster a sense of community to some extent, encouraging collaboration between members and hosting events that can help you enhance your career. Make sure that the community managers or operators run the space smoothly.

You will also want to choose a coworking space with a convenient location, preferably close to transportation. If you are a digital nomad, consider a space with multiple locations that allow you to use your membership between them, or spaces that work with others as part of a network with a similar idea of shared membership. This will provide convenience as you move between places.

Don’t forget to also look for all the amenities you need. All coworking spaces should have things like fast internet, but you must think about what else is crucial for you. Do you need free unlimited coffee and snacks? Do you need a video conference room? Do you need to be able to print?

Popular Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads

To get you started in your search for a coworking space, consider some of these spaces that are popular among other digital nomads.

CocoVivo in Panama is ideal for digital nomads looking to work in a remote area. It sits on Isla San Cristobal’s southern tip, offering a coworking space in a tropical paradise. Because of the remote location, coworking here also typically involves renting a property or coliving.

Coworking Bansko in Bulgaria is in a gorgeous location, the Pirin Mountain Range. The area is a ski resort in the winter, but in the summer, there are just 8,000 residents. The rural location allows for privacy and natural beauty. This space has coworking events and activities, fiber internet, a central location, ergonomic chairs and desks, and free coffee and tea.

Coworking C in Las Palmas Gran Canaria is on the Canary Islands. The weather here is amazing, and it is incredibly popular in the winter. This space also offers co-living, unlimited premium coffee, high-speed internet, and a mix of global and local members.

CoworkInn Dahab is a coworking space in Egypt. You get printing, unlimited Wi-Fi, tea, water and coffee, 24-hour access, a roof deck, a pool, and amazing views.

Doji in Bali, Indonesia, is a great choice for digital nomads who want to work just 100 meters from the beach. This coworking space is located in paradise and organizes regular events like workshops, networking, and knowledge sharing. Just some of the amenities include business-grade, load-balanced, fiber-optic lines, a pool, private Skype booths, and hot showers.

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