How to Land a Job at a Coworking Space

An estimated 2,188 coworking spaces opened around the world in 2018, and that level of growth is expected to continue for the next couple of years. With the increased number of coworking spaces, that means there are more job opportunities to work for a coworking space. However many recruitment sites and job boards haven’t caught up with the unique positions coworking spaces have created. Many of the roles needed to run a coworking space fall outside of traditional office space roles, or may even be a combination of roles found in a normal office.

If you are passionate about the coworking industry and wondering how to get involved apart from being a member, here are a few popular positions available in coworking spaces.

Community Manager

The coworking community manager is often the first person that members go to, and their purpose is to improve the relationships within the space to build the desired environment. This type of role is filled by someone who is an extrovert and loves people and making connections. The community manager might be in charge of all member signups, tours, serve as the front desk associate, host member gatherings like dinners, happy hours, and other events, and create the overall environment and vibe of the space. A good community manager keeps things running smoothly in the space while also curating the company culture.

Coworking Ambassador/Community Partnerships Manager

For this role, the responsibilities entail building relationships within the local community and businesses. For example, you might partner with a local daycare to provide childcare services to your members or a yoga studio to provide weekly classes. The person hired for this position should be an active networker who is skilled at securing corporate and community sponsorships. This role requires deep knowledge of the long term goals of the space, what the overall mission is, so that they can make the right strategic partnerships.

Front Desk Associate

Not every coworking space will require someone to sit at the front desk, especially if they are using keyless access control to keep the space secure. However, depending on the size of the coworking space, there still may be a need for a front desk associate to perform some basic reception duties and greet visitors as they enter. They might also be in charge of accepting packages and sorting mail. Since a space usually houses several businesses and companies, it’s important to have a front desk associate who is highly organized, personable, and willing to go the extra mile to make the space welcoming and professional.

Event Manager

Events have become an essential part of many coworking communities. Someone with solid local roots who enjoys planning and executing exciting events for members would do well in this position. Many big coworking brands like WeWork are famous for their networking events because it helps to strengthen the community and allows members to relax. This role is often filled by people who enjoy coming up with creative solutions, they are careful planners and they also understand how to get people to unwind and forget the pressure of work. An event manager focuses on the coworking members’ quality of life.

Marketing Manager

Many coworking spaces don’t hire a marketing manager, but it can be an essential role, especially if the space is in a growth or expansion phase. The marketing manager helps to communicate the vision and environment of the space to the general public. This role might also be combined with the coworking community manager, coworking ambassador, or events manager. To be successful in this role, the person should have strong content marketing abilities, copywriting skills, and an eye for design. They might be responsible for all print and online marketing, design, and copywriting, communicating with press, organizing freelancers and contractors, and much more.

Operations Manager/Director

This type of person is someone who thinks strategically or technically and has experience in IT, facilities, and perhaps people management. They might be responsible for maintaining the IT systems, managing the facility, and working with other staff members to develop policies. Someone has to make sure the WiFi is lightning-fast, security is a priority, and that all the member accounts are managed efficiently.

Where To Find Coworking Space Jobs

Since the industry is still fairly new, there aren’t many job boards solely dedicated to coworking spaces. One of the few is Coworkies, which has more than 270 jobs in coworking spaces around the world, including jobs in Berlin, New York, London, Paris, and other cities. It is more limited to major cities, but it can still be a helpful tool to see what positions are open or trending in your favorite coworking spaces. If you know the coworking space you want to work with, you can always go directly to their website, or AngelList, a job site dedicated to startup companies.

You can also look for coworking space jobs on popular job boards like LinkedIn or Glassdoor, however, these searches need very specific filters on whatever job board you are using. Try to use keywords like ‘coworking” and the position that you want to have, like “coworking community manager.” Keep in mind that a few positions with similar roles might have different titles, so make sure to search for all possible job titles.

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