Coworking Spaces for Artists and Creatives

There are numerous coworking spaces around the world and the benefits of a serviced office like these apply to artists and other creatives. There are plenty of niche coworking space concepts out there today – those targeted at wellness, musicians, female-only spaces and so on. Similarly, artists and creatives have their own kind of coworking space that provide amenities geared toward their interests.

Coworking Spaces for Artists and Creatives
Artists can find inspiration by choosing a coworking space with enough room for their supplies and creative processes.

What Artists Should Look Out for in a Coworking Space

While the benefits of a serviced office apply for nearly all spaces you may consider, there are some features that will make the space stand out for artists and creatives. Pay attention to the following three points:

1. A Vibrant Work Environment

With a vibrant work environment, you will find it much easier to get inspiration. Look for a coworking space with a vibe, design, architecture, or location that gives you inspiration.

2. An Inspiring Community

The community is a crucial part of a coworking space for creatives and artists since you want to be able to engage in useful relationships. Ideally, the community will feature other artists who are willing to exchange useful feedback with you, assuming you do the same in return.

3. Amenities You Need to Be Creative

Finally, ensure that your chosen space has the amenities that you require to be creative. At the very least, you need enough physical space to work on your project, and that may include plenty of table space, shelves for equipment, or anything else you need. There should be plenty of lighting, as well.

10 Coworking Spaces for Artists and Creative Freelancers

To give you an idea of the coworking spaces available for creatives and freelancers, take a look at the following 10 spaces in various locations.

  • Arebyte delivers coworking, creative workspaces, and artist studios at affordable prices throughout London. There is a range of studios to appeal to all creatives, including animators, fashion designers, DJs, musicians, digital media artists, fine artists, and more.
  • Covo now has locations in San Francisco and St. Louis and was designed to appeal specifically to architects. You will find design workstations and classrooms in addition to other typical coworking amenities, such as meeting rooms.
  • CultureWorks is a nonprofit and shares resources. This space is a management commons for people, organizations, and projects in preservation, heritage, or the arts. This is much more than a coworking space, also providing project management, payroll, legal support, and more.
  • Fuigo harnesses the community of professional design firms, including a design studio that includes plenty of space and a resource library that is fully staffed. This studio currently has more than 20 firms in residence, providing plenty of opportunities for collaboration.
  • Gravy was made by and for photographers. It combines a collaborative workspace with a studio, dark room, and other amenities ideal for photographers. It also partners with photographers for local projects and includes a gallery.
  • Interchange in London was created to appeal to designers, putting tech startups as well as creatives and artists in the same space. Creatives will appreciate the storage cabinets and the free conference rooms, as well as access to the Global Included Network.
Coworking Spaces for Artists and Creatives
Some spaces help musicians with networking as well as creativity

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  • New Love City calls itself a laboratory for movement experimentation as well as a life enhancer. This space includes yoga classes, movement instructors, and plenty of room for members to explore movement.
  • Oakstop advertises itself as offering “work+space+art.” In addition to spaces for working and events, there is also a gallery, perfect for getting inspiration or receiving useful feedback from others.
  • Primary is a shared office and coworking space that combines performance and wellness with traditional coworking amenities. It offers a fitness studio to help provide inspiration.
  • The Rattle is a London-based space specifically designed for creatives that include independent artists, bands, technologists, and producers in music. The space’s community creates art and technology to support the artists. The sense of community inspires creativity, allows for feedback, and helps with networking, so artists can get their foot in the door.

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