What to Expect at CU Asia 2019: The Largest Coworking Conference in Asia

What Is CU Asia 2019?

Welcome to CU Asia - “the best coworking un-conference on the planet” according to Alex Hillman, Founder of IndyHall, Philadelphia, one of the longest running coworking communities in the world.

Organized by Coworking Alliance for Asia Pacific (CAAP), CU Asia has been steadily spreading its influence for 5 years now, seeing over 1000 participants from over 40 countries, including coworking space operators, real estate companies, educational institutes, tech teams, digital nomads and investment firms.

After Bali, Thailand and Malaysia the past couple of years, CU Asia will be held in Goa, India on February 20-24, 2019. The 5 day long experience aims to bring together the region’s best coworking, real estate, workplace and tech experts to have important conversations about the industry and its future.

What to Expect at CU Asia 2019: The Largest Coworking Conference in Asia

What’s New?

Over the years, the event has consistently been one of inspiration, connection and co-creation. That won’t be any different this year. However, instead of only sharing about the tools and tricks of the industry and its community, CU Asia will be getting down to more serious topics. It’s time to take stock and get ready for the next phase of the journey. Watch out for questions beyond scaling, answered by the wisest people in the industry. They’ve got some very creative ways to make you part of the conversation, so don’t miss out!

Here’s just some of what you can expect this year:

  • Vulnerable sharing about the good, bad and ugly of ‘growing up’.
  • Philosophical debates like: to grow or not to grow? The gains and losses of getting big. Are partners the right path forward? Why does the world need more coworking?
  • Swapping quick tips, tricks and tools that will make it all easier in our community carousel.
  • The launch of coworking academy 3.0 curated especially for established spaces and new places that want to take the big leap.

And of course, the rare opportunity to meet your global community and celebrate this incredible industry together. They’ve got some great parties planned!

What to Expect at CU Asia 2019: The Largest Coworking Conference in Asia

Why attend coworking conferences in the first place?

1. Networking opportunities with the global community

With every good conference comes an even better panel and guests. Global conferences are especially beneficial since you never know what new business opportunities may come up when you talk to another coworking space owner or investor from the other side of the world. A global conference is an excellent way for you to get connected with the big names in the industry.

2. Helps you stay at the forefront of things

At coworking conferences, speakers typically discuss the most important topics in the industry, make announcements about new happenings and more. Being at a conference itself, let alone actually networking, already helps you stay at the forefront of things happening in the industry. Expect to have important conversations and discussions about the industry and its happenings with people and gain new insight that can help you further your business. Furthermore, you want people to know you were there with all the other big names.

3. See the big picture

Working in your space every day means you are probably focused on the micro.

Coming to CU Asia helps you see the macro. If you wants to stay abreast of the latest trends beyond the space, and be on top of the issues that will have impact ON your space, conferences like this will help.

4. Moral support

Nobody understands what you face better than other operators. Friendships like these are unique and powerful, and may have a huge part to play in your success. This is more important than you think!

5. CU Asia puts their community first

That's why they want to hear from you for most of the this event and especially at the unconference day. They say decisions are made by the people who show up, and an unconference is no exception. It is the ultimate adventure in emergent, topical, cutting-edge, talk-about-what-really-matters-to-you discussion! You can bring your insights, speculations, queries and burning concerns– it’s all on the table at CU Asia The Unconference Day.

6. Learn, learn, learn.

Even if you simply can’t find a better reason to be at a coworking conference, learning alone should be a big one. At a conference with an entire list of your competitors and investors, you can learn more about another coworking space, their competitive advantages, get feedback on yours and have healthy debates and sharings. On every occasion there is a bit of learning involved.

7. Explore: Goa Excursions

You’re in Goa, after all, so don’t forget to indulge in everything incredible India has to offer– the fabulous food, glorious beaches and friendly people don’t begin to cover all that’s on offer.

Sign up for the post-conference excursions and you’ll figure out why the world calls Goa the ‘Rome of the East’. The costs? It’s on them!

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