Coworking Space Phone Booth Ideas

With the rise of coworking spaces, one of the most basic amenities that members search for is a coworking phone booth. The modern interpretation of the phone booths that used to be found on street corners before the rise of cell phones, an office phone booth is crucial for ensuring productivity. Essentially, this type of phone booth gives members of the coworking space a way to make important phone calls without getting distracted by activities in the office and without hurting the concentration of their fellow members. Because most coworking spaces have open floor plans with very few private offices, phone booths are the best way to deliver privacy and limit distractions when making calls.

The Importance of a Coworking Space Phone Booth

If you choose to skip including an office phone booth in your coworking space, you will notice multiple issues. Those who regularly make business-related phone calls will have to put up with a great deal of background noise during their calls and have no privacy since anyone can hear their side of the conversation. At the same time, other members will be forced to listen to calls, and the background noise in the space will increase with every call. These issues will likely lead to disgruntled members and even a drop in membership, hurting your revenue.

Key Factors for Your Office Phone Booth

When creating your coworking phone booth, whether you choose to buy one or try DIY phone booths, you must carefully consider the materials and the location. In terms of materials, always ensure the phone booth is of a high quality and at least fairly soundproof. Otherwise, you will only reduce the problems slightly instead of fully resolving them. You should also carefully consider the placement of the booth. You want it to be convenient to access but enough out of the way that it does not create an obstacle that members must walk around. Don’t forget to include some basic furniture inside, as well, such as a table and chair.

Remember to set your phone booth up in a way that works for your coworking space. For example, if you have a very busy space, consider making a few slightly larger phone booths that are ideal for brainstorming sessions or conference calls. You can even let members use phone booths when hosting guests for a temporary private office. Regardless, ensure there is enough room and that your Wi-Fi connection extends into the space to allow for video conferencing.

Coworking Space Phone Booth Ideas
Ensure your office phone booth includes the items members will need during video conferences, such as a table, chair, outlet, and good lighting.

Your phone booth must also include some sort of signup system so members can schedule time in the booths when they know they will need it. Consider also including a few booths designed for last-minute phone calls with time limits in place, such as no calls over 10 or five minutes. Remember that there are pricing tiers for phone booths. The more you pay, the more space you will get within the booth. You can also determine access to phone booths based on membership pricing tiers.

Considering DIY Phone Booths

Many coworking spaces choose to make DIY phone booths instead of buying one or hiring a company to install it for them. If you go this route, ensure that it is structurally sound and soundproofed. You can find plans online for phone booths or get creative and divide an office into phone rooms.

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