Daycare Security Measures: Door Locks, Security Cameras and More

When parents drop their children off at daycare, they expect that their kids will be safe and cared for. This is only possible with the proper security measures in place, such as daycare security cameras. Security breaches can accidentally let unauthorized people inside the facility, putting children at risk of kidnapping or injury. There are also associated safety risks, such as getting stuck in old equipment and suffocating, like what happened to a 17-month-old in 2007. To ensure that everyone in the facility is safe, make sure to keep the following daycare and preschool security measures in mind.

Daycare Security Measures: Door Locks, Security Cameras and More
Use multiple security measures together to protect the children in your daycare.

Security Cameras

Daycare security cameras let you go back and review a situation if anything does happen to determine where the fault lies. It also makes it possible for someone in the office to monitor the various spaces in real-time, adding an extra set of eyes to watch for potential problems. At the very least, cameras should always be pointed in the entryway and on the property, so it is easy to spot unauthorized individuals.

Fire Alarms

It should go without saying that any daycare should include fire alarms, and some security software can even integrate with those alarms.

Keyless Entry

Many locations opt for a keyless entry system for daycares as an alternative to traditional daycare door locks. You can use this system to give the parents the freedom to enter the space with their own card, fingerprints, or a smartphone app to prevent unauthorized access.

Daycare Security Measures: Door Locks, Security Cameras and More
Ensure that extra locks are in use when the building is empty.

Extra Locks During Off-Hours

If you include keyless entry for your daycare door locks, ensure that the system disables automatically after business hours so those with access cannot come at inappropriate times. In the case of traditional locks that employees have keys for, add an extra deadbolt to be used during off-hours that only a few people have a key for.

Call Stations in the Entrance

Whether you opt for keyless entry, make sure that there is also a call station of some sort in the entryway. This will provide access for parents who forget their credentials as well as others, like delivery people or potential new clients. The call station should connect to a staff member who screens visitors before providing access.

Staffed Front Desk

Having someone at the front desk of your daycare ensures customer service as well as security. This person is an extra set of eyes to watch over things and confirm no one suspicious enters the building. You can even place a panic button that the staff can press if someone suspicious does gain entry.

Sheets

When anyone arrives at the facility, they should have to sign in and out. This is a simple yet effective of keeping track of movement and protecting everyone. If you are concerned about a hassle for parents, you can add a rule that parents with photo name badges issued by your daycare do not have to sign in.

Intruder Alarms

Just like any other business, a daycare should haveintruder alarms set up. This will ensure no one enters the building when it is closed, whether to steal something, plant a threat, or do anything else.

Daycare Security Measures: Door Locks, Security Cameras and More

Automated Lights

Automated lights not only ensure that employees, parents, and visitors can see clearly but also deter trouble. After all, most criminals prefer to work in the dark, so they have a lower chance of being recognized.

A Smart Thermostat

Although it may seem like an unusual part of the security measures for a daycare, a smart thermostat can help. If the building is a comfortable temperature, staff are less likely to take unnecessary risks. There is also a lower safety risk to the children from overheating or freezing.

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