Hotel Coworking Spaces

There’s no denying that coworking has transformed the notion of work. Millennials are choosing cozy and inspiring collective workspaces in place of unimaginative whitewashed traditional offices. The absence of lease agreements with strings attached, no 9 to 5 schedules and lack of imposed corporate formalities combined with the fact that work can be done from anywhere, as long as there is a stable Internet connection, attract young professionals to coworking spaces. They can get a heartwarming experience in a plethora of super-creative shared venues.

Along with the standalone coworking facilities, there’s a rising trend for creating working environments in cafes, restaurants, stores and unused commercial properties. Pop-up coworking spaces appear outdoors encouraging their members to spend more time in nature. In the wake of the digital nomad era, there’s also a growing tendency for coworking hotels to appear both in the urban areas as well as in the depths of the rainforests.

Hotel Coworking Spaces

Hotels and coworking have managed to strike root and to become a popular alternative to the hotels with legacy conference rooms. These days, a footloose crowd of mobile workers can enjoy all the benefits of a coworking space in a hotel lobby: lightning-fast Internet, a trendy design, a relaxed environment, and a chance to hang out with the like-minded individuals are now becoming available under hotel roofs. Some of the venues offer value-added services such as access to the gym or to a swimming pool.

The services of coworking hotels are usually free for their guests and are available for a fee to the local residents. By offering shared workspace accommodation establishments generate additional revenue and capitalize on the existing space.

Here are some of the successful operators that have managed to pair hotels and coworking:

1. The Assemblage

The Assemblage is a wellness centered coliving, coworking and events space, with a mission to ignite collaboration and creativity. Located in New York City, the building is split into a coworking space dedicated to flexible memberships and a hotel where you can stay for a day or extend your stay to a month. This space boasts competitive prices for quality amenities and a nurturing community.

2. Selina

Selena is a network of properties scattered across 9 Latin America countries and Portugal that offers its lodgers much more than accommodation in paradise-like locations. Journalists, photographers, tech engineers and other independent professionals choose Selina for work and collaboration in the morning and revitalizing themselves while performing a number of recreational activities once they are done with the tasks. From a bunk bed in a dorm to a deluxe room with king or queen-sized beds, from zip-line rides to waterfall jumping, these hotels with an emphasis on the social aspect provide services that can suit any budget together with a bunch of action-packed activities.

Hotel Coworking Spaces
Selina provides its guests with accommodation of different standard as well as working and entertainment facilities

3. Schani

Hotel Schani in Vienna is a European pioneer to include coworking into their services offered back in 2015. Except for flexible- and fixed desks options the operator also provides the services of a virtual office address, mail forwarding, a locker and much more.

4. The Curtain

The Curtain is a London-based high-end hotel that offers its guests a comfy workspace with sofas, chairs, and desks, a private boardroom nearby and pampers the members with coffee, snacks, salads, and a sumptuous lunch.

By offering coworking spaces as part of hotel facilities, operators adapt to the shift in the approach to business facilities and respond to the needs of modern travelers and digital nomads. At the same time, they drive revenue growth and establish a community that stimulates the connection between travelers and like-minded locals.

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