Coworking Day Pass: Where to Rent a Desk for a Day

With the growth of coworking spaces, more and more people are interested in trying them out. One of the many ways that you can choose to take advantage of coworking is with a coworking day pass. These will give you access to facilities for a single day and are a good method of trying out a given space. Alternatively, you may want to rent a desk for just a day if you appreciate changing your scenery regularly or travel and want to work in each new destination.

Many coworking spaces offer day passes in addition to monthly memberships

All coworking spaces also offer a range of membership options in addition to day passes. In most cases, memberships are month-to-month and depend on the amenities you want, with discounts for those who do not mind changing desks every day or want access for limited hours.  

Platforms to Rent a Desk

Since there are so many coworking spaces around the world, many platforms have appeared to help you easily find a coworking day pass when you need one. Some platforms are global, while others are city-specific. These are a few that let you find day passes with ease.

Coworker helps you find coworking spaces with room based on your location. The platform includes more than 158 countries and over 9,000 coworking spaces. When you search, you can choose to look for daily, weekly, or monthly passes. Coworker will display which of the coworking spaces in your chosen city offer free day passes, or you can click on a coworking space to view their rates.

LiquidSpace is similar to Coworker, letting you search for nearby coworking locations that offer a day pass or hourly or monthly passes.

Croissant lets you use a single pass to find a workspace in thousands of seats in over 50 cities. The platform includes a free trial that lasts seven days, making it even better than a free day pass. There are three monthly plans, each with a different number of hours that you can access a Croissant space. The smallest plan is almost the equivalent of a day pass, as it gives you 10 hours per month for $29.

Haus is a city-specific coworking offering in London. You can get a single free day pass, and after that, you can buy daily memberships for £15. Haus has three current locations in London at hotels and cafes, with another coming soon. Day passes include expected member benefits like high-speed Wi-Fi, unlimited tea, coffee, snacks, and power outlets.

Average Prices of Coworking Day Passes

Each coworking space handles its day passes differently, so the prices will vary somewhat. Many spaces, including WeWork, will offer you a free day pass so you can rent a desk for a single day to test out the space. This is the coworking space’s method of giving you a free trial. Setting aside the coworking spaces with free day passes, which are typically limited, a typical day pass is about $30 to $40. Prices will vary by coworking space, city, location within the city, the size of the space, and the amenities included.

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