Tranforming a Small Office Into a Coworking Space

Unlike a few years ago, when the coworking industry was just a movement, today, it is a full-blown industry, with a global market value estimated at an approximate $26 billion.

Just like the large coworking franchises (i.e. WeWork, Knotel and Regus), those who aspire to convert their small or midsize offices to coworking spaces are a significant part of this phenomenon. However, there are a few tips and tricks you should keep an eye on to ensure a successful transformation.

Why are people more effective in coworking spaces?

All the fuss about coworking spaces is justified. While some may still have their doubts, this type of working environment has proven to bring a higher level of success.

Some of the reasons why people enjoy coworking spaces are:

  • Less distractions than public venues and home offices
  • Longer productivity
  • Networking opportunities
  • Saving money by avoiding more strict long-term office leases
  • Diverse community

This collaborative and open environment attracts freelancers to take part in coworking communities. Creating a coworking space demands few adjustments, especially if you plan to turn your small office into such a place. Consider the following tips that will help you to avoid the most common obstacles in opening a coworking space.

Determine your objectives

First of all, you need to be clear about your goals and objectives for this project. Get some answers to the following questions:

Be clear about your plans and intentions if you want to carry out this plan flawlessly. The answers to basic questions like those listed above will give you direction on how you need to approach this transformation.

Remove the Clutter

You should aim to make your small office space look bigger and brighter which means that it is time to do some cleaning. Reorganize and throw away anything that you don’t need or don’t use.

Rearrange the furniture so that there is enough room for everyone to move around easily. Cluttered spaces can distract people and even make them feel claustrophobic.

The best look for a coworking space is simple, clean, and airy. If you have enough natural light make sure that nothing is blocking it. In case you don’t, choose lamps and light bulbs that have a natural sunlight appeal. Bright rooms look more spacious and open.

Decorate With Moderation

After you declutter the space it is time to add some life to it. Make sure that the space is properly furnished. That means that you have enough desks, chairs, and lamps to satisfy the needs of users.

If you decide to opt for one meeting room table with several chairs, consider adding a small lounge area. Decorate the space with interesting and appropriate artwork and make sure that you add some plants. They will give the space a fresh atmosphere.

Keep in mind that minimalistic style is the best choice for coworking spaces. Check out this post by Medium on coworking spaces around the world for some inspiring design ideas or check out this blog post on how to design a modern coworking space.

Prepare the Necessities

Users of coworking spaces will always go for a space that has all the amenities they need. That is why you need to equip your office or future coworking space so that it provides users with everything they might need.

For example, fast internet is a must! That is the main thing that can throw people off. Also, having a printer, a scanner, a coffee machine, and similar elements will attract people to your space. Considering that you won’t be offering a large space, you need to win users over with excellent service and a valuable professional community.

Coworking Business Plan Checklist

Build an airtight coworking business plan!

Start With Advertising!

You can create the most perfect coworking space but if you don’t know how to promote it, your effort will be pointless. Start with creating a high-quality website that will depict all the benefits of your coworking space.

Then, use your social media channels and post about your venture. Ask your friends and family to share your post so that their followers can see it as well. Facebook groups about coworking spaces or freelancing, in general, are also a great channel for advertising. Pay attention that you thoroughly describe your space and list all the amenities when listing your coworking space on various outlets.

Over to You

With these useful tips and guidelines, you'll be able to overcome any obstacle on your way to creating the most amazing coworking space. Keep in mind that even when you turn your office into such a place, your work isn’t done. Active search for new users, maintaining the space, and organizing are responsibilities that come with this task.

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