How To Stay Productive at Coworking Spaces

Coworking is certainly a growing trend with more and more people getting involved, from freelancers to startups to entrepreneurs using the spaces. For most people, coworking spaces enable productivity by eliminating the distractions of the office. Coworking is also popular for its sense of community, collaboration, networking, flexibility, and affordability when compared with renting a traditional office.

‍Coworking can lead to increased productivity.

Coworking Can Be Distracting

Despite the significant benefits of coworking spaces, some people may find them distracting. Some find that the opportunity to mingle and network during the workday makes it easy to socialize instead of working. Others find the events offered distracting. Some people will also find the continued movement of people or the lack of a fixed desk (with some plans) to be distracting.

Ways to Stay Productive with Coworking Spaces

Noise-canceling headphones

With the right tools and strategies at your disposal, it is easy to remain productive in a coworking space. For those who get easily distracted by extraneous noises, investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones can be an excellent solution. This lets you block out the extra noise of people networking and collaborating when you have to work alone. When you want to network or collaborate, just remove your headphones, and you will be ready to go.

Noise-cancelling headphones
‍Noise-cancelling headphones make it simple to block out any external noise and stay on track.

Utilize applications to track progress

You can also rely on an application to track your progress or productivity. There are numerous time management applications for all smartphone operating systems, many of which are even free. An alternative to using these apps is giving yourself a schedule throughout the day that includes time dedicated to networking and taking advantage of other coworking opportunities. You can also give yourself an allocated amount of time for a break after a certain amount of work, such as five minutes of socializing or getting coffee after an hour and a half of productivity.

Get dedicated desks

dedicated desks
‍dedicated desks are another great idea for saving time

Many people will also find it much easier to stay productive in a coworking space if they do not have to move around every day, making it worth paying a bit more for a dedicated desk. This way, you can also set it up in the exact way that makes you productive without having to remove everything at the end of the day and set it back up. On the other hand, other people will find the ability to choose a different spot to sit each day leads to increased productivity. You may do better with a change of scenery, and this flexibility lets you move to an unoccupied area with fewer distractions.

Ask for help

Don’t forget to take advantage of the unique features of a coworking space to boost your productivity as well. If you are working on something and get stuck, ask other members of the community for assistance; just be sure to return the favor in the future. Since you are in the same space as others, networking happens organically – let it.

Coworking Spaces Will Boost Productivity with the Right Approach

When used correctly, a shared workspace like that of coworking community will actually improve your productivity. Those in the space motivate each other to work, and when compared with working from home, coworking gives you a mental and physical space for work, helping you focus. At the same time, there are fewer distractions than in a traditional office, such as required meetings or the worry that your boss is watching your every move.

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