Steps To Improve Your Coworking Space Website's Lead Generation

In running a modern coworking space business, conversion rates are key. But without effective lead-generation tactics, you will have nothing to convert. In fact, first you actually need traffic too, and once you start generating this traffic, then you can start to work on leads. And put simply, leads mean more revenue, more signups.

So, assuming that your website is getting some initial traffic, and that you are employing an outbound marketing campaign too, how can you set about improving lead generation to your landing page, your content (for example blog), your referral programs and so on?

Point The Readers Towards What You Want Them to Do

Perhaps the first rule of generating a lead – that is, someone you know has an interest in your product or service – is to give them a call to action that they must complete. That could be signing up for a newsletter, for example, or adding their email to your marketing database. Yet in order to do this, you absolutely cannot expect someone to do it of their own volition. You have to lead the way to create a lead.

This is where Calls to Action (CTAs) become so important. What do you want the prospective lead to do?

So where should this CTA be found? This is a very important question to answer, because the quality and positioning of your CTA matters. The obvious place to begin is clearly on your website, and better still, clearly on your landing page, because this is where most of your traffic will arrive from. Make the CTA visual and compelling, so it draws attention, and make it clear what is required, and what benefits that will bring to that prospective lead.

But that shouldn’t be the only place CTAs are included, and if it is, that is a mistake. Think about all the places that you engage your audience: email marketing campaigns, blogs, guest blogs, help forums, text help and so on. A clearly defined CTA should be apparent immediately: do not take anything for granted.

So, when you create your blog posts related to coworking spaces, you can always invite your readers to check your space out, sign up for a newsletter that will let them know about all of the great events you'll be hosting and so on. CTAs that are specific and promising can bring you great results.

Focus on the Quality of Your Landing Page

Your landing page is your front-of-shop. An unprofessional-looking landing page will significantly increase the bounce rate of your site (how quickly people click on and cliff off), and this in turn will harm your page ranking with the likes of Google, which will be a disaster for traffic generation. In the age of digital marketing, everything is interlinked.

As well as looking good, being concise and providing the relevant information clearly, the CTA must include the same details as are provided in the page headline, to avoid any confusion. The location of any form that needs to be completed, as well as the quality and ease-of-completion of that form, is imperative too.

What else should your landing page include? Attractive visuals are highly recommended, and use videos too as this is essential in an age of reduced attention spans. You could even include videos on how to simply complete the CTA steps, for example, and infographics are another successful means of generating leads once the traffic has actually arrived through to your site.

Keep the text easy to read, and never make the density of words too high, which again will lead to a higher bounce rate – people just don’t have the patience for reams of text anymore. Be clear to emphasize the befits of your product, and the rewards that can be felt by following through with any CTAs.

You should include the images of your coworking space, specific areas that might look interesting to some people and then include details about your space in a concise and interesting way. For instance, you can tell your audience about the perks they can get from your coworking space.

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Make Offers Truly Attractive

The problem with many special offers is that they are simply not that special. There is just so much noise today, that it is increasingly difficult to get heard. If you offer this price, you can be sure that there is someone who can and will offer it cheaper. You therefore have to make offers compelling, and this is not an easy thing to do.

A tried-and-tested approach is generating these offers at every stage of what is known as the buying cycle – that is at every step the customer goes through, starting with the initial awareness of your coworking space (which is where the lead generation begins). But maintain this hook with the prospective customer through the consideration, signup and after-signup stages to truly build brand loyalty, which in turn increases your brand awareness through word-of-mouth channels and then manifests through additional, and quality, lead generation.

Look Closely at Your Campaigns, and Make Them Better

What is your approach to generating leads? The fact is, a well-though-out digital marketing campaign should be multi-faceted, and the answer should therefore be a blended approach which includes all of the usual email marketing, blog, social media, guest blog, YouTube and other, perhaps more expensive means such as display ads, affiliate schemes and even pay-per-clicks. It is essential that all of these practices are automated too so you are clear and consistent on message.

Be sure to improve lead generation practices with additional tactics such as backlinking where possible, and always remembering to be clear and simple in the language and text format that you use – never overcrowd emails with images, for example. It’s all about grabbing attention through all of the barrage of information that people now receive.

Use Analytics

Perhaps key to everything is how you analyze the raw data, and then how you act upon it. Are you utilizing analytics to understand your audience demographics, first of all, then where your traffic is coming from, how successfully you are generating leads from that traffic, and then, ultimately, your conversion rate, which is really your bottom line when it comes down to your digital marketing approach? Failure to evaluate is a failure to understand and therefore a failure to want to improve, and smart businesses are always trying to improve these numbers.

Fortunately, in this day and age the tools are available to extract and analyze the relevant data, so it is simply a dereliction of duty not to use these. Continual evaluation and improvement is essential to improving lead generation within your business.

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