Sustainable Coworking Spaces

Sustainable Coworking Spaces

Sustainable coworking has become a popular trend. Creative people thrive in the coworking spaces that are the future of work. Today, a coworking space is considered outdated if it’s not green. This happens because a lot of creative entrepreneurs are concerned with the global warming issues and have a sustainable lifestyle. Large companies are aware of this trend and display their corporate social responsibility to show that they give back to the community.

In fact, moving towards a more sustainable business implies tangible benefits. Firstly, green coworking spaces are economically viable. Start using energy-saving office equipment, and you’ll see how much you can save this way! Secondly, the joint effort brings better results. Green coworking spaces unite the conscious individuals who collaborate to reduce their carbon footprint. A common space can help them do it in a much more efficient way.

Moreover, being sustainable is a competitive advantage. An eco-friendly coworking space helps its members to establish partnerships. Those can be sustainable businesses that might want to collaborate with your conscious company. Furthermore, the members of the green coworking spaces tend to have good health and wellbeing.

5 Famous Green Coworking Spaces


Sustainable Coworking Spaces
CoCoon Coworking Space

CoCoon belongs to the most popular sustainable coworking spaces in Hongkong. Although it is rather large, it doesn’t require much maintenance. CoCoon has a natural bamboo floor and uses non-toxic paints as weell as LED lights. Moreover, drought-resistant plants are also a part of the coworking interior and exterior. They make CoCoon’s image more personal and vivid increasing its brand awareness.

Sustainable Valley

Sustainable Valley is one of the most famous green coworking spaces in Australia. Apart from the regular amenities, it provides a wide range of sustainable resources and partnership opportunities. You can order a vegan latte or soak up vitamin D at Sustainable Valley. It also works as a business incubator and facilitator offering in-house advertising services to a plethora of eco-friendly and ethical startups. There is also a mindfulness coach available at Sustainable Valley. The members are offered free mindfulness sessions every week.

Green Spaces

Green Spaces coworking is located in Denver and benefits from the partnership with the local communities. A special Certifiably Green Denver Program makes each member certified green. It is one of the most innovative sustainable coworking spaces as it uses more than 160 solar panels on the roofs of the buildings where its offices are located. LED lighting and solar-powered electricity sources allow significant cost savings at Green Spaces. What is more, the members drink filtered water and can enjoy car sharing provided by Zipcar, a partner of Green Spaces. The community is also empowered by the zero waste lifestyle. In fact, the management provides recycling and composting services in all co-working spaces.


WeWork sustainable coworking spaces are present in numerous cities of the world. This company is known for its innovative approach. It is currently investing in the corporate social responsibility. WeWork is building a sustainable community meeting the expectations of its visitors. The company focuses its efforts on the human health impact as well as the energy and material life cycle impact. The company aims to reduce carbon footprint with the help of buying renewables.

Sustainable Coworking Spaces
ECO-SYSTM coworking space.


ECO-SYSTM is an innovative coworking space uniting creative entrepreneurs of the Bay Area. They are the members of a vibrant community inspired by creativity, entertainment, and business. ECO-SYSTM has numerous partnerships with different art galleries and nightclubs to satisfy the tastes of their demanding audience. This space encourages its members to have a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. It even provides them with treadmill desks to literally run their business effectively.


Greenhouse is an inspiring coworking space in Indonesia that boasts nature-inspired design, vaulted ceilings and plants. Find yourself working in a comfortable, nature-centered workplace with initiatives aimed at building and operating with environmental consciousness. Read about an interview with them here.

How Can Your Business Start Going Green?

Firstly, you can introduce an integrative green approach to the services you provide. Try to be helpful to the businesses that have ethical operations and sustainable goals. Launch in-house training programs to help them grow. Do your best to connect the people who might be helpful to each other and facilitate collaboration. Leadership and mindfulness coaching will also your boost your competitive advantage. You should also help each of your members maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

Secondly, use the power of the community to build a network of the highly motivated individuals who will love the idea of joining your green coworking space. Get involved in the green movement focusing on the eco-friendly initiatives. This will help you to establish valuable connections with the like-minded people. Remember that managing employees according to the green principles is also an essential part of shaping your coworking community.

Thirdly, you should introduce the latest sustainable technology to significantly increase your competitive advantage. Security in shared workspaces is very important, but coworking members tend to lose their plastic-card keys, which is not a sustainable practice. Therefore, it is highly recommended to resort to state-of-the-art technology such as keyless access control software. You can also usepower strips with a programmable timer, minimize heating and cooling to cut costs and try to reuse the materials whenever possible to decorate the interior.

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