Where to Host Your Coworking Event

Compared to just a few years ago, coworking has skyrocketed in popularity as modern day workers have begun to fully reap its benefits. Coworking refers to a collaborative work style in a shared work space that nurtures community through common goals and values, although the employees may hold entirely different positions or report to separate bosses. With the mounting popularity of this work style, however, comes the challenge of making your coworking space stand out. Hosting events at your coworking space is an effective way to demonstrate that your coworking space has what others don’t.

Coworking events solidify and highlight the core values of any coworking environment. These kinds of collaborative environments boast several benefits that normal work environments don’t, such as the unobstructed flow of ideas and knowledge, and these events should highlight those unique qualities. When members of a coworking community are given time and space to organically exchange ideas and share knowledge during an event, the individual teams and the overall coworking network grow stronger and more harmonious.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider when hosting a coworking event, but once you figure out where it will be, the other details will more likely fall into place. Perhaps the option for your coworking event is the coworking space itself because attendees can see the versatility of the space as it transforms from a workspace to an event space. What better place to exchange ideas than the very place they were created? If your idea is to, for example, host a post-holiday group meditation event, think about how you can turn a conference room into a blissful yoga studio and transport attendees to an entirely different environment.

Where to Host Your Community Event?

If the actual coworking space isn’t an option, get creative—coworking event spaces can be found anywhere.

Organize an event hosted by the great outdoors in the neighboring park if the weather permits—fresh air gets the mind’s gears turning like nothing else does, or poll the office to choose a restaurant everyone enjoys for an after work coworking event. Perhaps fierce inspiration is a bit lacking in the office—arrange a field trip-style event where the team goes to see a motivational speaker. And, never forget that a dose of simple fun can offer people all the motivation they need, so maybe this year that epic Halloween party is finally in order. Who knows, the childlike fun of laser tag may serve as that drop of oil that gets your company’s machine working like new. Depending on how intimately the members of the coworking team interact on a day-to-day basis, a weekend-long retreat may inspire employees to meaningfully interact and exchange ideas after spending time with each other outside an explicitly work-related environment. Just like coworking challenges traditional ideas about the workplace, coworking event spaces should be innovative and creative.

Possible Challenges

While unordinary team bonding exercises like laser tag may be alluring, you may you come up against challenges that force you to dial back. There is still plenty you can do while working within the limits of a budget or other restrictions. If the event will be held in the coworking space itself, for example, make efforts to slightly disguise the space (hiding computers, turning off phones, etc.) to create more room and to prevent employees from feeling like they’re arriving for another day at work. Hosting a coworking event singlehandedly is a daunting task for anyone, so don’t be hesitant to delegate some of the work and assemble a coworking event planning team. The greater the diversity of ideas you have, the more beneficial the event will actually be.

If you want to share the magic of your coworking space with others, an exciting coworking event is the perfect way to spread your message and prop up your work values. There are countless ways to modify a coworking event to fit the personality and goals of your specific company, but what’s certain is that these events are crucial in underscoring the collaborative benefits of coworking spaces.

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