Child-Friendly Coworking Spaces

The future of work is changing and self-employed workers can now benefit from child care. A child-friendly сoworking space is a dream come true for most parents, a wonderful amenity that modern coworking spaces all over the world have begun offering young moms and dads.

Typical Coworking Spaces vs. Child-Friendly Coworking Spaces

A typical coworking space includes fresh and tasty meals, beverages, unique design, high-quality electronics, fast Internet, cozy meeting rooms, networking events, professional development courses, fitness and yoga classes. They might even offer treadmill desks, ping-pong tables, climbing walls, dog parks, and wellness rooms where you can take a nap after lunch. But none of this helps if you have a baby at home. Thousands of young parents all over the world, mom-entrepreneurs especially, struggle to find the right work-life balance when they become parents. Luckily, coworking spaces are becoming child friendly.

Imagine sipping complimentary espresso and responding to emails, uninterrupted, while your child plays with other kids in the next room. You can focus on your business and get the socialization that members crave from coworking spaces. Instead of hiring a nanny or isolating yourself at home with a baby, you can come to a child-friendly сoworking space and entrust your children to a specially-trained adult. You can visit your child anytime, which is crucial if you're breastfeeding or want to check in.

Top Five Child-Friendly Coworking Spaces

An increasing number of coworking spaces, around the world, provide child-care services. What are they?

New York: Brooklyn Explorers Academy

The Brooklyn Explorers Academy in New York is a licensed early-childhood center offering pre-kindergarten programs and a coworking space. It's a fantastic place to concentrate on your work while babysitters watch your kids in a neighboring room; however, it's not obligatory to enroll your children in the activities provided by the center.

‍Children singing
Children singing at Brooklyn Explorers Academy.

Los Angeles: Wiggle and Work

Wiggle and Work provides parents in LA with an all-equipped coworking space, while their babies and toddlers receive excellent supervision. This space welcomes children, aged four and under, and engages them in fun activities and crafts:

Parents playing Twister with their children at Wiggle and Work.

Parents are encouraged to play with their children and then fully focus on their business.

Seattle: The Inc.

Thinking about flexible care for your child? The Inc. is an ideal coworking space where you can network with the like-minded parents. While you work, your child will love the playschool room that encourages communication and creativity:

Children playing in The Inc.
‍Children playing in The Inc.

Browse through multiple on-site child care options and select the one that will make your life easier!

Sydney: Gravity Coworking

Creative mothers, who run their own business, are fond of Gravity Coworking because it welcomes mothers who are nursing and bottle feeding:

Female entrepreneurs
Female entrepreneurs share their experience in parenting and business at Gravity.

Private meeting spaces here double as mothers’ rooms as well as prayer rooms. This child-friendly сoworking space allows all children inside, especially during school holidays. Membership is also valid for Melbourne and Brisbane!

London: Third Door

Third Door is one of the best coworking spaces offering childcare in London. It has an on-site registered nursery that is able to host about 24 kids, starting from three months until five years old:

Kids reading at Third Door
Kids reading at Third Door.

It's possible to drop off your child and concentrate on your activities or even leave, if necessary. You can also make private calls, use small break-out offices to have interviews, and book a big meeting room. Make the most out of your schedule and spend quality time with your child!

Other Benefits of Child-Friendly Coworking Spaces

As you can see, it's possible to stay focused on your business after giving birth to a baby without leaving it for the whole day. Indeed, coworking spaces with child care services are an outstanding solution for creative moms! The places we've listed can help you meet your family's goals and boost your professional development.

Numerous coworking spaces share useful tips with entrepreneurs, such as 7 Remote Work Tools to streamline your efficiency. They will provide you with shorter commutes and ensure productive work for you and happy play for your child under the same roof. Use this handy list of the top websites to find an awesome child-friendly coworking space or read this article to select the perfect one for your family.

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