How to Be a Good Community Manager

‘Community Manager’ has become somewhat of a buzzword on the internet. It means someone who is responsible for the wellbeing of people within his or her ‘community’, be it online or in our case, in a shared workspace. Seems like a pretty innocuous title, right? What is there really to say on the topic? Treat people well, foster positive environments, and make sure everyone feels as you would want to feel in a shared workplace, welcome, productive and happy.

In fact, there is quite a lot to say on the matter. There are so many things that go into making an effective community manager, and it’s a role whose importance cannot be emphasized enough. We’ve put them into a neat list for you and even if some of it might sound self-explanatory it's is always worth a read as a refresher to make sure you are being an effective and respected community manager.

It's All About Communicating

As a coworking community manager, your job is mostly about ensuring people have the chance to hear and be heard. You need to place emphasis on cultivating an open, communicative culture. Your communication is the difference between an average community workspace and a healthy workspace which empowers its members.

Draw People In

As a community manager of a coworking workspace, your clientele consists of your current members but also extends to potential members. By making your current members feel welcome and empowered, they will spread the word about your coworking space, intriguing friends and colleagues. In addition, by creating a sparkling, easy-to-use website with great SEO and CRM software, which is kept updated and highlights the benefits of your community workspace through pictures, testimonials, and plain old facts, potential members can find your site easily and you’ll see the tour and booking requests streaming in!

And Then Keep Them Happy

As a committed community manager of a shared workplace, your main role is focusing on all your members, from retaining those who have been there for a while and inducing new members. As a manager, it is your task to ensure that all members - new and old - are content. Get constant feedback, take advice, look for ways to make members more comfortable. Clientele retention is important, and as long as you have a welcoming smile and are always receptive, your members will feel at ease and be comfortable in their workspace. Also, as a manager, make sure you are happy and are provided with all the resources you need in order to run an effective workspace. A happy manager leads to happy members.

Be Organized

This may seem like an obvious one, but organization cannot be stressed enough. From simple tasks such as ensuring that coffee, milk, and snacks are always in supply to making sure that the printers are working, to the way you choose to organize the actual space, a neat and orderly workspace will reflect positively on your management. Keeping track of members’ and the workspace’s progress and sharing it with your members shows great organizational skills and also helps to keep members motivated and happy.

Be Creative

With the surging popularity of coworking spaces, how can you make sure your space stands out? Being passive is one of the biggest mistakes of a community manager. In fact, its detrimental to the entire coworking space. Be the community manager who is always looking for new and exciting ways to improve the workspace, from organizing unique social events and collaborative ideas to thinking up new ways to create a more comfortable workspace which is conducive to creativity and productivity.

Refresh to Stay On Top of Your Game!

To sum it all up, communicate with your community members, make sure everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Organize events and facilitate members bonding. Always look for ways to improve and grow. Be supportive of peoples problems, be open to their comments and complaints, and even if you don’t know how to fix them, show that you care and remember, passion, bring the fire, inspire people. Make these your mantra, and you will not be a good community manager, rather a great one!

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