How to Craft a Flawless Coworking Manifesto

Imagine working, connecting, and interacting with different people doing different tasks, within the same workspace! This is what a coworking space concept entails. Coworking spaces are quite different from a typical office environment. It is an environment that allows individual activities to be done in a shared working space.

The coworking manifesto is the first place to start when considering your coworking space business model. The manifesto shines a light on your perspective, ideas, goals, and intentions for the shared space. It also explicitly states what your business stands for. In this post, we will take a look at what a Coworking manifesto is and how to tailor it to your own space.

What is a Coworking Manifesto?

A coworking manifesto is a set of values and ideals that define the coworking movement, containing a brief summary of what your business stands for. It is a simplified, condensed version of the ‘About Us’ page, the mission statement, and an employee handbook of your coworking space or brand.

What’s more, the manifesto tells the story and identifies the values of your coworking space. It also states the expectations for anyone coming into the coworking space. Your coworking manifesto helps you make good decisions, evaluate opportunities, stick to your priorities, and reach your business goals.

How to Craft a Flawless Coworking Manifesto

Writing a manifesto for your coworking business is very important. It is a high-value piece of marketing collateral for your business. The best ones are written with the clients in mind. Your aim should be to make meaningful connections and long-lasting relationships. Here are some tips to help you craft a flawless coworking manifesto:

Start on the Inside: What Do You Stand For?

To craft a flawless Coworking manifesto, the first step is to go back to the basics. What does your Coworking space business stand for? What are your values and expectations? What is your business trying to change? Make a list that answers all these questions.

Consider Your Customers

Furthermore, you need to consider the customers you are targeting with your coworking concept in the manifesto. Take time to research your customers. Who are they? What are their biggest problems and concerns? Your customers can range from freelancers to ‘solopreneurs’, startups, small businesses, or even leading corporate businesses. Your manifesto should address the problems and concerns of these clients.

However, there are certain reasons that cause customers to leave coworking spaces. This includes over-promising and under-delivering, insufficient customer support, lack of maintenance, overcrowded space, lack of inclusiveness, and more. All these should be addressed in your manifesto. With this, your manifesto will send a stronger message that your coworking business is all about meaningful connections and long-lasting relationships with clients.

Include Your Brand Signature

You also need to apply the signature or theme of your brand to the manifesto. Take the theme of your coworking concept and apply it to the manifesto. Edit and expand on it as required. Let it speak your brand. You can use the general theme and goal of the coworking industry as a filter for your core values. Once you have the basics, expand on them. With this, you can craft a manifesto that is perfect for your brand.

Let It Evolve

Nothing stays the same forever. Over time, your values will grow richer, deeper, and become more meaningful as your members put their stamp on the space. Come back to your manifesto every six months to reevaluate. Ensure that nothing is missing. This will be a great opportunity to tweak and expand on it.

There you have it! When it comes to writing a manifesto for your coworking space, there are no tight rules. The important thing is to ensure that the manifesto is rich and drives home your values and goals. With this, you can convince both customers and investors to keep coming back.

Here’s a perfect example of these tips in action:

Coworking Manifesto by Bansko

Anti-harassment policy by Bankso

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