Welcome Gifts for New Coworking Members

Among the biggest selling points of coworking spaces is they give freelancers and entrepreneurs a community to which they can belong. However, some of your new members might have trouble connecting with the group. Sharing gifts with them can help break the ice and make them feel welcome.

Gift Ideas to Welcome New Members

  1. A Starter/Welcome Pack

After giving new coworking members digital or printed documentation, share a welcome pack with them. The coworking welcome kit can include a list of vendors the new members might need, such as nearby lunch spots and coffee shops. You can even go the extra mile and offer some vouchers and coupons for these services.

  1. An Earbud Case

We all know the struggle of untangling your earbuds whenever you get them out of your pocket or bag to listen to music as you work. Rather than let them sort out the earbud mess themselves, you can offer coworking members an earbud case. Small as it may seem, this effort will mean a lot to a new member.

  1. A Shout Out on Social Media

The sooner your new members in your coworking community get to know the other members and make friends, the better. In addition to facilitating these connections, you can acknowledge the newbies on your social media feeds. Doing so not only makes them feel welcome, but it also shows your online audience that you value your members.

  1. A Pair of Blue Light-Blocking Computer Glasses

Among the things that the members of your coworking space will spend the most time doing is staring at their computer screens as they work. Help them avoid digital eye strain and headaches by giving them a pair of blue light-blocking computer glasses. They’ll thank you when, at the end of the day, they’re eyes don’t look tired and red.

  1. A Branded Box of Goodies

A welcome box introduces new members to your brand through materials such as promotional products. The package may contain basic supplies that they’ll need to get things started in the coworking space (i.e. pens, sticky notes, coffee mug, calendar, and perhaps some nice locally made products like coffee, beer/wine, or honey). Offering a coworking welcome kit gives your new members a positive experience from the first moment and eases them into your workplace culture.

  1. Subscription to a Meditation App

You don’t need to spend a lot to share something valuable with a new member. One such gift is meditation. You can arrange with a meditation app provider to offer new members an enhanced free trial period and a sizable discount off the regular rate. Meditation apps are among the many coworking apps that have been proven to help people feel more content with their work and life.

  1. Free Snacks and Beverages

People naturally congregate around food. When people gather to have snacks and beverages, conversations ensue. Inspire your new coworking members to make friends while sharing a snack such as a bagel and great coffee. Consider giving new members free access to delicious and nutritious snacks as well as hot chocolate, coffee, or beer.

  1. A Free Library

Reward new members with free access to a small collection of inspirational and professional books they can borrow or browse. But you don’t have to limit the sharing to books. You can offer newbies access to other media, including movies and music. This idea can even stretch further to include recipe/food swaps, child care, and home improvement equipment.

Bottom Line

You want new and potential members to know that becoming part of your coworking community is a fun and positive experience. It’s therefore important that you take steps to make newbies feel welcome rather than leave it to chance. Offering them these gifts and facilitating their interaction with current members will ensure they feel included from the first moment.

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