Wellness-Oriented Coworking Spaces

We spoke with Frank Bistrian, the CEO of Work Well Win, a niche collaborative workspace with seven locations. We wanted to find out what wellness, or wellworking, means and how coworking owners can make their spaces more wellness oriented with a 24/7 model.

How did your job at JP Morgan and WeWork contribute to the choices you made at Work Well Win?

I’ve always been in construction, development and real estate. My dad was a general contractor and I worked for him as a kid. I’ve worked for several large developers and was in Global Real Estate at JP Morgan Chase and, most recently, was the Head of Domestic Development at WeWork. Those experience provided the catalyst for WORK WELL WIN. I know what clients want, I know what is out there, and it enables me to create the perfect solution for all companies.

What does workplace wellness mean at Work Well Win?

Wellness is at our core. It’s not a tagline, it’s in everything we do. We offer the next generation of coworking—wellworking. We want wellness to be convenient for our members. We have purified air, fruit-infused water, and healthy snacks. Some of our locations will have gyms, yoga and meditation studios. We design our space with ergonomic furniture and the most natural light as possible. We recently saw that the Harvard Business Review published a survey, which found the number one office perk employees want is natural light. This was no surprise to us. People spend so much of their days indoors, they want to be able to have natural light and see the sun.

We also offer wellness seminars, which feature speakers discussing topics on mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

Workplace Wellness at Coworking Spaces
Work Well Win's space at Greenwich, CT

Most coworking spaces imply a wellness component, since people often associate traditional offices with stress. Why do you think this happens?

Smartphones have made the work/life balance difficult—we are plugged in 24/7, so based on the number of hours spent working, we thought it was a way for employers to help improve the wellness of their employees. We improve the things you don’t necessarily think about; however, study after study proves the importance of natural light, purified air, filtered water, etc.

Could you explain your perfect target persona for WorkWellWin?

There is no “perfect” member, however WORK WELL WIN is the perfect solution for anyone, whether you are a fortune 500 company needing satellite offices, a solopreneur or a national company entering new markets or a consumer product company requiring privacy and security. We have the perfect solution for everyone.

Our readers are interested in what happens before a space opens, what was your biggest challenge/success?

I think it’s hard for people to envision themselves in one of our spaces before they can see it. Once we open and people take tours, they can see the benefits and understand how the space will improve their wellbeing. Having said that, all the offices in our Greenwich location were fully leased within the first month of our opening. Our goal is for our members to have a wellness centered workspace, so they can focus on their businesses and be successful—to win.

How do you manage a 24/7 model, does this ever inhibit the wellness factor you’re trying to promote?

We cannot solve for the ubiquitous smart phone and the immediate need for a response in any industry but we can make sure that the WORK WELL WIN solution is additive to your day and not depletive.

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