Choosing Conference Room Names

If coining a brand name for your coworking space was an arduous task, it’s not the time to breathe a sigh of relief yet. Apart from carefully planning the layout of your coworking space and procuring equipment for the meeting space, you have to name your conference rooms.

Why name meeting rooms?

Conference room names can reflect your company’s culture, inspire collaboration, creativity, happiness or merely improve the mood of your employees or guests. For example, the Amsterdam office of has meeting rooms named after different cities across the world. Conference areas of SpaceX are named in honor of famous astronauts and scientists who made a massive impact in the world of discoveries such as John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, and Sergei Pavlovich Korolev. Better yet, employees of the Seattle-based office of Facebook can decide which conference room they will take by playing Rock–paper–scissors game and the conference rooms are named according to their wishes. Naming and branding is more important than we think.

Choosing Conference Room Names
A socio-cultural environment of an organization defines the concept of name themes for conference space

The best conference room names reflect the values of the company and set the tone for a place. A major financial institution is unlikely to use the Game of Thrones motifs like Instagram did, while a young startup developing games shouldn’t come up with high-flown or pretentious names.

The name of your meeting room is a tiny detail that makes the difference. Do you use the area as a brainstorming environment where designers and copywriters get together every Monday morning to discuss crackpot ideas or do you invite your key customers and investors there? Is your workplace a vibrant community of millennials addicted to Netflix or are your employees eminent scientists who do groundbreaking research? You should consider these points when choosing the conference room names.

How to choose a conference room name?

If you’ve been racking your brains hours but still cannot decide on a suitable name for your meeting rooms, you can choose from one of the following concepts:

1) Cities of the world

2) References from famous movies or TV series

3) Famous people

4) Floral themes

5) Local or world-known landmarks

6) Planets and stars

7) Puns

8) Any other theme that can be suitable for your business. Think of art, sports, music, natural resources, etc.

Choosing Conference Room Names
One of the most popular conference room names are named after cities in the world.

Remember that there should be one underlying theme for all of the conference rooms and the names should be coherent so that even guests can understand them.

Another thing to keep in mind is scalability. Pick a theme that allows your imagination to shine and at the same time leaves room for concept expansion. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are not the best conference room names in case you are planning to create additional meeting spaces.

Be true to your company’s values. Sometimes it’s wise not to push creativity over the edge. For example, if you are a financial company or an investment firm, you might as well stay loyal to the classical number system which may come across as more businesslike rather than emotional.

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