What to Do When You Outgrow Your Coworking Space

While a coworking space is an excellent choice for many entrepreneurs and small businesses, it is very common to feel you have outgrown coworking spaces as your company grows. While many startups find that continuing a coworking space works for them, many will feel the need to scale up. You may have too many employees to fit in the space you currently frequent or want to improve market access or revenue streams. Many companies also realize as their numbers increase that having a coworking space becomes less cost-effective. Some companies also realize they have outgrown coworking space options if they want a more permanent space.

If you outgrow your coworking space, renting a private office for your company is a particularly good option.

Options When You Outgrow Your Coworking Space

Move into a Private Office

The best option for many companies who have outgrown coworking is to go ahead and move into a private office. This will be ideal if one of the reasons you chose to leave the coworking space was to create a feeling of permanence for your company and services. Your own office can be highly cost-effective since you can control how many employees you have in the space without having to pay extra for each desk used. It also allows for customization, so you can incorporate some elements of coworking that your team likes, such as flexible seating.

Consider a Serviced Office

If you want to take another step before renting a private office for your company, you can opt for a serviced office. These spaces can be a natural progression from coworking for many small businesses since they are fully managed and equipped, meaning you have minimal work to do. While the upfront costs are smaller than getting your own office space and furnishing it, the continuing costs are likely to be higher. You also have almost no control over things like furnishings and amenities.

Find an Incubator or Other Space with Scalability

Of course, there is also the option of finding a similar location to the outgrown coworking space but with more room. If you really like the idea of a coworking space for your company, see if there are larger ones in your area and if you can get a discount for having a larger number of memberships. Or look into an incubator or accelerator, as these tend to offer more scalability with the ability to accommodate businesses of all sizes.

Do not overlook the importance of security for your new office space.

Setting Up a New Office

If you choose to set up a new office for your company once you have outgrown coworking, then you will want to ensure that you take a few key steps.

Ensure Security Measures Are in Place

Start by ensuring that your office has proper security measures. Things like security cameras and strong access control systems can provide the flexibility you need in your office without sacrificing security.

Provide Appropriate Furniture and Supplies

You also need to make sure that your office has all the supplies and furniture that your team will need to get the work done. Pay attention to large items, such as desks, chairs, and computers, as well as smaller things, such as paper, printers, ink, calculators, and pens. Don’t forget to include amenities like coffee, coffeemakers, toilet paper, and similar items.

Ensure Connectivity

Take the time to ensure your office has the required connectivity, as well. This includes setting up a phone system and internet. Get your new address listed in online directories, and update the address on your website.

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